New Kicks and I am a member of Team Wheaties Fuel!

I came home today to a nice present by the door, my order from Road Runner SPorts Nike Free 3.0’s.  Now not my favorite color, but I think they will grow on me.



(Photo Booth has a bright ass flash)

They aren’t the Vibram Fivefingers that I enjoy running in, but they are very comfortable and pretty minimal.  The last Free’s I had were the OG 5.0 models which I loved.  They are so comfortable, I still wear them and they are at least 4 years old and ripping apart.  So now I have the Fivefinger Sprints, NB 101’s for the trail, and the Free’s.  I think that I am covered for a while.  Well, then there are the Pearl Izumi’s, a few Asics and Mizunos.  Oh, and I cant forget the Saucony’s.  Back to the Free’s.  They are pretty comfy (although I give the nod to the old 5.0’s), and I love the upper.  Nice material that looks like it will last for some time to come yet is soft and form fitting. They are light as expected, and there is some tackiness to the soles.  I don’t know if it was because I was on the dreadmill or if they are tacky just because thats how they are.  They don’t feel sticky or tacky to the touch.  Whatever, for $53 they cant be beat.

My training has been going pretty well.  I havent been able to put in the volume I would like to see right now, but my speed if surely there (if a slow old guy can have speed) and I feel relaxed on most all of my runs.  I am looking forward to Soulstice Mountain in October and possibly the Rock and Roll Las Vegas.  I know that I have sworn to never run another RNR event unless it is Denver, but this year the Vegas race is at night and down the strip with all of the casino lights.  It should be pretty awesome.  And where you find awesome, well I am there.


In other big news, I was selected to be sponsored by Team Wheaties Fuel.  Yep, another sponsorship for this guy.  I should be in marketing! They are top notch I must say.  They really hooked me up with very nice running gear, and I have received 3 of my 11 cases of sample boxes of Wheaties Fuel.  I think that is 848 boxes total.  And then next shipment of 3 cases is on its way.  Time to get out there to race and discuss the product while giving away free samples.  Wonder if I can have the Soulstice people put them in the goodie bags?  I read the manual and if I am able to do a presentation to the runners they dont mind distributing the product that way. I am pretty happy and excited to be a part of this exciting team.

I ordered a TRX training system that should be here tomorrow, I cant wait to start using it.  Time to get my swole on!  Keep on running and recovering!


Sedona marathon is no more

After several apparent successful years, the Sedona marathon is no longer going to be run. It always seemed that it was a profitable and successful event, but according to the event organizers it is a big money pit. Sorry to see it go away as many smaller marathon are being pushed aside for the big money “Rock and Roll” marathon events. Hopefully someone can come along and get adequate sponsorship to run this event the right way. Hmmm…what am I doing for the next 2 years…

To read more click here.  Maybe I can get a good deal on last years tech fabric gear!

This is what I am training for

Not really, but if I was 20 again I might think about it.  I cant imagine how much stress you could get rid of after a day of soccer/football/MMA fighting.  If you could go back in time to  younger age with the knowledge and experience you have now, what wold you do differently?  I know I have made so many mistakes personally, professionally, and otherwise that I would love to change.  But if I did, what would the end result be now? Would I have my awesome wife and kids?  Probably not. Would I have the peace of mind and semi-contentness that I currently have?  Who knows.  I guess you could debate these things all day long and never get anywhere.  Oh the video link…here it is.

What else do I have to discuss today?  It is my second furlough day so while I get to kick it at home and get caught up on my PS3 gameplay on the new 55 inch LED/LCD tv, I don’t get paid.  I would rather be getting paid while playing video games.

I have had a few new good beers recently.  Drum roll please…

On the running front, I have been doing a lot of though regarding going to run the Denver marathon.  At this point I don’t think that the marathon is in my grasp, I just have not been able to get into the training like I should.  I know that I could go there and finish the race, but one thing I know is that you must respect the marathon and its challenge or it will bite you in the ass.  Never underestimate the marathon.  I know there are people out there who are able to run one a month, or even one a day as they cross the Country but I am not one of those freaks of nature. A back up might be the Grand Canyon marathon or half with eyes on the Sedona marathon.

Part of the resin I have not been able to hit my training is because of my SI joint flaring up once the miles started to increase along with an increase in intensity.  Due to this I was not able to do all of the races I told Jamba Juice I would do,however I have been going out and talking to people in various settings which I think would benefit the brand more than if I just ran a few races said hello and went home.  I notified the JJ people and their response was my contract calls for races to be run and I need to do what I can to achieve the # of specified races.  I get that, but they made no mention of the other efforts I have made to get the word out about their products and distribution of the coupons.  I feel like they need to step back and take a look at the bigger picture, but they wont.  In the long run that is their loss.  I will still hit a few small local races and get the info out, but I doubt it will be with the vigor I would have had.

I still love the Sof Sole socks they hooked me up with along with the insoles, quality products.  Check them out if you are in the market for some great multi-sport socks or insoles.

How running helps me.

Asics seems to have captured what running does for me.  It does many things really, physical health, fitness, promotes creativity, cleanses my pallet for beer intake, outlet for stress, anger, anxiety…

In other news…

The Sedona Marathon was this past weekend in of all places, Sedona Arizona.  The weather was good but not ideal for a marathon (or half marathon) as it was around 34 degrees at the start with lingering clouds and wind.  At least the rain stayed away until a few hours after the race.  Props to everyone who completed the race under those conditions.

Also this past weekend were the Boston Indoor Games (BIG). If you missed it Bernard Lagat ran a great 5000 meters, pulling ahead with about a lap to go after leading most of the race.  His winning time was an American record of 13 minutes 11.5 seconds. More info can be found…here.

Good job Bernard, even if you do a lot of training in Tucson.

In personal news my wife is still trying to get back into the swing of running as she deals with pain and serious discomfort n her foot.  After several rounds of x-rays and MRI’s the sports podiatrist has decided that there is a problem with one of her sesamoid bones.  A cortisone shot has helped, but she cant continue to get shots every few months so we will see what is next.  Orthotics maybe?

I have been hit and miss with my running (still).  I have gotten some good quality faster tempo runs in lately, but nothing of a great distance.  I really want to get out and hit a 10 miler, but just have not found the determination to get on the roads. Perhaps this will be the week.I will be up in Sedona for 5 days at the end of the month so maybe that will be the key to my letting it rip for some serious weekly mileage. And since I am coming, the Oak Creek Brewing Company had better fire up some of their best Ale for my enjoyment.

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Sacroiliac joint dysfunction recovery?

I went out today and had my best run outdoors since the San Diego marathon (they have a new website by the way, click and check it out) in May.  It was only a little over 4 miles and I purposely went at a slow pace so I could keep tabs on how my hip and sacroiliac joint was feeling (plus I lost most of my fitness and have gained some weight, but I wont admit that last part publicly). It felt good to strap on the Garmin 405, Nike lunar trainers, running clothes and get out on the trail and road.  It had been so long I noticed that the golf courses have killed off their grass to overseed.

I really felt pretty good uphill, downhill, flat, and rolling terrain.  It did my psyche good as well as I could feel myself getting cranky, moody, and borderline psychotic.  So if I could notice it I know everyone around me knew I was being a jerk.

If everything keeps going pretty well with my hip, hopefully I can return to regular training on the roads and trails as well as incorporate the gym into the mix and nail the Sedona Marathon.

If I do get back into training I will need to slow down on all of the great beer I have been drinking recently. Maybe…I know my diet will need to change as I have been eating whatever I want whenever I want.  This will be good for me in many areas, hopefully the worst of it is over.  Stay tuned…