is what I will say to this storm front as soon as I make it up the hill this afternoon. I don’t see any white on the mountains though, interesting.

I hope that McGaughs and Pay ‘N Take are well stocked up on some new and interesting post race brews as I will need several.

Here is my race beverage of choice. Since no one down here sells it, I will be picking some up at the world foods or whatever it is east of NAU. And Go D-Backs!!! I will listen to the game as I am driving.

And I cant forget to rep my sponsor, Wheaties Fuel. If you are up there and see me I will have ample samples (of cereal) to hand out. Hit me up!


New Kicks and I am a member of Team Wheaties Fuel!

I came home today to a nice present by the door, my order from Road Runner SPorts Nike Free 3.0’s.  Now not my favorite color, but I think they will grow on me.



(Photo Booth has a bright ass flash)

They aren’t the Vibram Fivefingers that I enjoy running in, but they are very comfortable and pretty minimal.  The last Free’s I had were the OG 5.0 models which I loved.  They are so comfortable, I still wear them and they are at least 4 years old and ripping apart.  So now I have the Fivefinger Sprints, NB 101’s for the trail, and the Free’s.  I think that I am covered for a while.  Well, then there are the Pearl Izumi’s, a few Asics and Mizunos.  Oh, and I cant forget the Saucony’s.  Back to the Free’s.  They are pretty comfy (although I give the nod to the old 5.0’s), and I love the upper.  Nice material that looks like it will last for some time to come yet is soft and form fitting. They are light as expected, and there is some tackiness to the soles.  I don’t know if it was because I was on the dreadmill or if they are tacky just because thats how they are.  They don’t feel sticky or tacky to the touch.  Whatever, for $53 they cant be beat.

My training has been going pretty well.  I havent been able to put in the volume I would like to see right now, but my speed if surely there (if a slow old guy can have speed) and I feel relaxed on most all of my runs.  I am looking forward to Soulstice Mountain in October and possibly the Rock and Roll Las Vegas.  I know that I have sworn to never run another RNR event unless it is Denver, but this year the Vegas race is at night and down the strip with all of the casino lights.  It should be pretty awesome.  And where you find awesome, well I am there.


In other big news, I was selected to be sponsored by Team Wheaties Fuel.  Yep, another sponsorship for this guy.  I should be in marketing! They are top notch I must say.  They really hooked me up with very nice running gear, and I have received 3 of my 11 cases of sample boxes of Wheaties Fuel.  I think that is 848 boxes total.  And then next shipment of 3 cases is on its way.  Time to get out there to race and discuss the product while giving away free samples.  Wonder if I can have the Soulstice people put them in the goodie bags?  I read the manual and if I am able to do a presentation to the runners they dont mind distributing the product that way. I am pretty happy and excited to be a part of this exciting team.

I ordered a TRX training system that should be here tomorrow, I cant wait to start using it.  Time to get my swole on!  Keep on running and recovering!