Grand Canyon Nat. Park: Time-lapse Video from Yaki Point

Via Flickr:
Recorded on Sunday, June, 2nd, 2013 from Yaki Point on the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. Clouds were passing over the canyon most of the day, but it did not rain.

This 45 second time-lapse video would take 20 minutes to watch if played back in real time.

Yaki Point, elevation: 7262 feet (2213 m) is a quiet place from which to enjoy sunset or sunrise.

Yaki Point and the S. Kaibab Trail Parking Lot are CLOSED to private vehicle traffic. Sightseers ride the free park shuttle bus to access this area. There are restrooms in both locations.

The Kaibab/ Rim Route (orange bus) provides transportation between the Grand Canyon Visitor Center, South Kaibab Trailhead, Yaki Point, Pipe Creek Vista, Mather Point, and Yavapai Geology Museum. This is the shortest scenic bus route and the only access to Yaki Point, the South Kaibab Trailhead and the Yavapai Geology Museum. Read more about free shuttle buses here:


Photos from Soulstice (and a short recap)

Now I can say that I experienced the Soulstice Mountain Run, and I will be back.  Not knowing what to expect (8000+ foot elevation, cold, real mountain trails, I dehydrate easily at altitude) I took it very conservatively and am glad that I did as I was able to enjoy the scenery, weather and good vibes that the race puts out.

I almost blew a gasket Friday night when we were eating at Pita Jungle and got a call from my daughter saying that the bag we left at my in-laws with my sons clothes for the weekend really contained our items including some of my running stuff (Race Caps Supreme!).  After the beer helped me to relax and my OCD mellowed out I was able to enjoy the rest of the night. The packet pick up at Pay N Take was a nice gathering of folks collecting their bags and shirts (both of which are nice-I really like the bag idea), drinking beer and watching the Diamondbacks loose game 5 in 10 innings.  Here is a picture of the shirt and bag.

There was a nice gathering prior to the race where I met a few of the locals and was able to see some of the new footwear and bags from Salomon running, and some of the offerings from Aspen Sports. There were lots of obstacles that being from the desert (1500 feet elevation) were new to me.  Obstacles like frozen mud (think black ice), large puddles with a thin ice layer on top, fallen trees over the trail, in other words common trail race stuff.

Here are some of the pictures I took along the way.


North Campus at NAU taken from our room at the Drury Hotel.  If you stay here each guest gets a ticket good for 3 free beers or drinks and a happy hour and breakfast buffet.  Pretty nice.











Here is a video I took, the title will explain all of it to you.

You have never seen a recovery mojito?



is what I will say to this storm front as soon as I make it up the hill this afternoon. I don’t see any white on the mountains though, interesting.

I hope that McGaughs and Pay ‘N Take are well stocked up on some new and interesting post race brews as I will need several.

Here is my race beverage of choice. Since no one down here sells it, I will be picking some up at the world foods or whatever it is east of NAU. And Go D-Backs!!! I will listen to the game as I am driving.

And I cant forget to rep my sponsor, Wheaties Fuel. If you are up there and see me I will have ample samples (of cereal) to hand out. Hit me up!

The most beautiful time-lapse video

that I have seen in along time. filmed in Northern Arizona and parts of Utah this video captures the reason why so many people love these areas. Unspoiled, breathtaking views of the best mother nature has to offer. I personally like the Sedona and Flagstaff shots the best. Painted Desert is nice too!

Watch it in HD with the volume turned up.