Weekly recap

Today was the end of a good week of training for me.  I capped out at around 37 miles and only have minimal pain in my hip.  Next week things take a jump up to the mid 40 mile range, that will be interesting to see how my body and mind hold up to that.  I have been able to keep my paces up to a much quicker level than I have in the past, I will need to keep tabs on that as going to fast for too long is a sure fire way to get injured.  I took some pictures along the way during my 7 miler today.  Enjoy some scenes from a crisp and cool desert morning.


(Not the best picture)







The long run for marathon training

I recently came across a good article regarding long runs and your marathon training, types of long runs, and what you can expect from your long runs.  I have never trained fully using the Lydiard training methods, but several people I know have and usually show good results.

You can find the article here<—–

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