10 mile steady state run at Buffalo Park, Flagstaff AZ

A nice little video of Brett Gotcher running 10 miles in Flagstaff at one of my favorite places to run, Buffalo Park. Watching this makes me want to take a quick road trip today.



It is now down to less than 48 hours until I will be out of the oven known as Phoenix and into the cool pines of Flagstaff. I have a good feeling about this trip, my daughters soccer team is playing well so far this season-what better way to start the season than a 4-5 game tournament?  I am running mostly discomfort free for the first time in a while, and I am also running at paces faster than I have in the past for longer distances.  I am not going to be winning any races but I may move up in the pack!  I have decided that since my training/base building has gone well I will focus on training for the P.F Changs Rock and Roll marathon.  I hope to run 2 half marathons and an Xterra trail race into the training. I know it isn’t my favorite race to run, but it is local and at a good time of year (if you can train well through Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, any holidays I did not add, and the college BCS bowl season).

I am excited to go to the Lumberyard brewery, catch an NAU soccer game against Air Force, and maybe see some elites training at Buffalo Park.  I am also looking forward to shopping up Flag’s newest and supposedly best craft brew store, McGaughs. I remember going in there with my Grandfather way back when.  Then it was a smoke/newspaper/magazine store.  Now they have tons of really good, nice craft beers.  Follow them on Facebook here –> http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000423880636&ref=ts

I am not sure why, but this has been the most stress free week I have had in ages.  It isn’t like I have dropped everything either.  Work is still work, we still run around in circles going to one kids event after another.  I just changed my mind set to being less judgmental, less critical, and more at ease and peace with myself and what is going on around me.  I hope I can maintain this for some time as it feels good not to be on edge all the time!

As an added bonus today I have included the new DJ Shadow track that will not be out until early 2011.  Enjoy!