Flagstaff Marathon recap article

Outside of the Denver Post, Boulder Daily Camera, and NY TImes, I think the Arizona Daily Sun does a great job of covering running.  The linked article is a recap of the Flagstaff Marathon.  Looking for the recap?  Click HERE!

On a side note, great game by the Broncos today by beating the Titans in Tennessee .

I ran almost 40 miles for the week and feel pretty good. I don’t know why I am not dropping any weight though.  I ran a double today, taking my dog Miles with me in the AM (he ran most of it off of his leash, he is becoming a great running partner), and I treadmilled in the afternoon.  I actually felt a lot stronger in the afternoon running a steady pace, although I did bump it up 20 seconds per mile for the last mile as I wanted to get done.  I know that does not fit into how I want to run disciplined and remain true to the desired paces no matter what is ahead (aid station, decline in the road, etc).  Another way of looking at it is working on a finishing kick so I can end up in the upper mid pack and not square in the mid pack!  But bottom line is discipline is very important in running, at least it is for me.


Paige Higgins: 1st American female finisher at the Boston Marathon

The Flagstaff newspaper (which does a really good job of covering running locally, state wide, and Nationally) ran an article about Flagstaff resident Paige Higgins, and her redemption of being the top American female finisher after having to pull out last year due to an injury.  I have had to miss a few races due to injury and hated it, but for an elite who lives and breathes running and worked so very hard, I imagine it was much more crushing.

Congrats to Paige for her efforts! Congrats to her coaches and trainers with McMillan Elite for their hard work with her.

Oh yeah, the story can be found HERE


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