Sacroiliac joint dysfunction recovery?

I went out today and had my best run outdoors since the San Diego marathon (they have a new website by the way, click and check it out) in May.  It was only a little over 4 miles and I purposely went at a slow pace so I could keep tabs on how my hip and sacroiliac joint was feeling (plus I lost most of my fitness and have gained some weight, but I wont admit that last part publicly). It felt good to strap on the Garmin 405, Nike lunar trainers, running clothes and get out on the trail and road.  It had been so long I noticed that the golf courses have killed off their grass to overseed.

I really felt pretty good uphill, downhill, flat, and rolling terrain.  It did my psyche good as well as I could feel myself getting cranky, moody, and borderline psychotic.  So if I could notice it I know everyone around me knew I was being a jerk.

If everything keeps going pretty well with my hip, hopefully I can return to regular training on the roads and trails as well as incorporate the gym into the mix and nail the Sedona Marathon.

If I do get back into training I will need to slow down on all of the great beer I have been drinking recently. Maybe…I know my diet will need to change as I have been eating whatever I want whenever I want.  This will be good for me in many areas, hopefully the worst of it is over.  Stay tuned…


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