Open those hips!

I have found through a lot of physical therapists office visits and talking to other runners that a big issue for runners is having hips that are flexible and can “open up”.  This video does a good job of showing yoga techniques to help in that area.  Enjoy!



Pretty good training run today,only 4 miles but I was able to maintain my tempo for the entire run with only minimal hip discomfort.  I have been doing my yoga and exercises for my sacrum issues, which has limited some of the tightness and pain but it is still there.  Often I feel it less when running than I do when standing up or walking.

I feel so good today that I almost feel like going for a run during Rylees soccer practice again.  I ran from the soccer fields last Wednesday and it was a very good workout as going west is a steady climb that turns into a steep climb before leveling off.  Then the way back is a fun if you haven’t spent everything as you can cruise down the hills.

I think everyone needs to try and donate to any one of the agencies who are helping out the victims and survivors of the earthquake in Haiti. $10 isn’t much, but it will make a difference and most of us only need to skip lunch or a few starbucks drinks to cover it.  I am somewhat torn on this as it is clear that we have milllions of people here who need help, but in Haiti, they dont have the social assistance structure that we have here.  i am sure some “Run for Haiti” events will pop up soon.

Until next time…

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