Team Jamba Juice gear has arrived!

My team Jamba Juice gear, coupons, and assorted info arrived today.  So now I get to start being a real ambassador for the program, I am actually pretty excited to be doing it.  Maybe wearing the gear to the stores will score me some free juices at the local JJ’s (I’ll probably try it in San Diego as well).

By the way, the Sof Sole socks and insole are still keeping my feet feeling great as my miles increase.  Thanks again Sof Sole!


Sof Sole goodie package


I was selected by Sof Sole to review some of their products and this week I received a box from Sof Sole with some of their running products. I am excited to start running with the insoles and socks then post here with my opinions on them. I should get a run with them tonight or tomorrow morning and will give them several runs before writing the reviews. Thanks again to the people at Sof Sole for selecting me to try these products.