Boycott Arizona???

OK, I kinda get the entire boycott Arizona thing, except that the groups calling for boycotts are the same groups that are busing in hundreds of people a week to fill in the protest…doesn’t that seem counter intuitive? So it hasn’t taken long but now there are calls for people to boycott the P.F. Chang’s Rock and Roll Arizona Marathon and the Ironman Arizona.  The RnR Arizona folks are calling for the race to be moved to New Mexico or California, and the Ironman boycott folks are calling for an outright boycott.  I tried to start an intelligent discussion on both of the events Facebook pages asking how many people who are up in arms about the new law have even read the law, as opposed to people who are opposed to it based on what they hear, read and ingest from the media which is so unbiased and straight forward.  Both got my posts deleted and the comments calling me a racist and Nazi are still there.  I would post links but I don’t want to glorify their pages.

I really don’t care if you are for it, or against, it, but I do care if you are informed before yelling about it.  I feel this way about any topic.  If you are uninformed, then don’t protest, and certainly don’t vote.  Here’s is a picture my friend Paul posted as he runs across the U.S. in the name of Liberty-real liberty.

Yeah all the way from Orange County, California (Hey Ryan!) to the Statue of Liberty.  Here is his facebook page. Dude is so hardcore about his cause that he ran over 2000 miles in the same pair of Vibrams…that is bad-ass!  Those shoes should be on the wall in their headquarters.

This sums it up.

Thanks for posting this Paul!

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Run For Liberty

I am really late getting this up here, and I apologize to Paul, Chris, and Michael for that as I really meant to get this posted sooner.  I became aware of this cause through social media as Paul and I became friends on Facebook and Twitter and I followed Paul’s running exploits through that media.  One day he started to speak of running from his home in Orange County, California to the Statue of Liberty.  At first I thought he was being funny and having grandiose thoughts, but soon it became apparent that he was serious about doing this.  His cause was and is a very noble one, he and his crew do not think that government is doing its essential purpose any more and being by the people and for the people.  Here is an excerpt from Paul’s website:

The Run

On January 9th, 2010,  I will start my Transcontinental Run for Liberty. I will touch the Pacific Ocean in the city where I grew up, Huntington Beach, California and head east to the Statue of Liberty. I plan to average around 25 miles a day. If I go the shortest distance between the 2 points, then I should make it in about 4 months.

My original plan was to do this run “unsupported”. In other words ALONE like this guy . After I came to my senses and realized that having a support vehicle, would be extremely wise, my good friend Chris Swenson, signed on to shoot footage of the run, edit webisodes and drive the support vehicle (does he really know what he’s got himself into?) Since we have started working together on this project, it has already started moving in directions I had not anticipated and I have a feeling it will take on a life of it’s own. That’s a good thing!

This whole Idea of running across the country has been nagging at me for quite some time. I love to run! Since I started running, about 4 years ago, I have logged over 4,500 miles. I have run 4 Marathons, 2 Ultra Marathons, an Ironman and several shorter triathlons and road races. All of this racing takes a good amount of training. Out of convenience, I find myself doing the majority of my training on a treadmill. Frankly, I am tired of the treadmill. Both literally and figuratively. The “rat race” if you will.

I want to run and actually get somewhere!


We are facing perilous times in our nation. We are having debates and discussions about issues that strike at the very core of our nations principles. I feel that we are letting slip away, the freedoms and liberties that so many fought and died for. I don’t buy into the whole Democrat vs. Republican or Liberal vs. Conservative thing. If I had to align myself with any party, I would be a Libertarian. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories and I don’t think that there are evil people in Washington that are conspiring against us. I just think that things have gotten wildly out of control and politicians with good intentions are implementing policies with some very negative repercussions.

Our Government seems to be out of control! It’s bailouts, social programs, wars abroad and unrestrained spending has left a huge tax burden on every man woman and child in America. And with this burden, we as Americans are losing more and more of our freedoms and liberties, in the name of “the common good”. I believe there is a better way. As we traverse this great country of ours, we will be talking to people, from all walks of life, and ask the question “do we still have liberty in America?”


In documenting this entire journey through a lens, blogging and twitter, I hope to inspire others to reach for their goals no matter what they may be. I have made my plans for this run, public, pretty much from the moment I first thought of doing it. It was a scary move. I wasn’t sure then if I could do it and am still not entirely sure. But, with every step that I take it becomes more real and I get closer to my destination. I truly hope to show that, even though we may not be able see the road ahead, life is just too damn short not to take that first step. And with that first step, A LOT of hard work and little faith, we may actually find our Liberty.


One day on facebook he posted this:

Run for Liberty

I am a Libertarian. I believe in less Government, free markets and sound money. This makes me neither a “right wing whacko” (who, often have the right idea fiscally, but are way off base on social liberties among other things). Or a “left winger” (who get the idea about “staying out of people’s bedrooms” but have no problem centrally planning our entire economic future.) I guess this is what we get when we only have 2 options.
I hold neither one of these ideologies. I am an American! I want freedom I don’t want the lesser of two evils. I want what so many people have sacrificed and died for. I want liberty. And I am seeing it slowly slip away with each new “helmet law” designed to “save us from ourselves” and a “HCR bill” that says “buy health insurance or pay a fine/ go to jail”.
“Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” we used to know what that meant and we used to recognize the laws and actions that threatened it.
Take a moment to look up the word “liberty”. Seriously, look it up.
We are looking for good ways to get this positive, non partisan message out there while I am on the run. One, is to hand out copies of the Constitution. We’d love to hear any other ideas. It’s one thing to identify the problem, it’s another to be part of the solution.
Thanks for reading my little rant, but I thought it was time to start talking more about WHY we are doing this.
And if you disagree with anything I have said, that’s cool! I won’t try to coerce you That’s the beautiful thing about freedom 😀
~ Paul

At this point I knew what Paul and his crew were doing was something that I had been thinking for some time, but had never really expressed.  When they came through the Phoenix area I was fortunate to meet up with them for a few hours and hang out and have a few beers.

Please follow them as they make their way across the Country battling the elements and physical and mental exhaustion.

If you are a media member who could assist them with getting the word out about their exploits, that would be appreciated too.