How running helps me.

Asics seems to have captured what running does for me.  It does many things really, physical health, fitness, promotes creativity, cleanses my pallet for beer intake, outlet for stress, anger, anxiety…

In other news…

The Sedona Marathon was this past weekend in of all places, Sedona Arizona.  The weather was good but not ideal for a marathon (or half marathon) as it was around 34 degrees at the start with lingering clouds and wind.  At least the rain stayed away until a few hours after the race.  Props to everyone who completed the race under those conditions.

Also this past weekend were the Boston Indoor Games (BIG). If you missed it Bernard Lagat ran a great 5000 meters, pulling ahead with about a lap to go after leading most of the race.  His winning time was an American record of 13 minutes 11.5 seconds. More info can be found…here.

Good job Bernard, even if you do a lot of training in Tucson.

In personal news my wife is still trying to get back into the swing of running as she deals with pain and serious discomfort n her foot.  After several rounds of x-rays and MRI’s the sports podiatrist has decided that there is a problem with one of her sesamoid bones.  A cortisone shot has helped, but she cant continue to get shots every few months so we will see what is next.  Orthotics maybe?

I have been hit and miss with my running (still).  I have gotten some good quality faster tempo runs in lately, but nothing of a great distance.  I really want to get out and hit a 10 miler, but just have not found the determination to get on the roads. Perhaps this will be the week.I will be up in Sedona for 5 days at the end of the month so maybe that will be the key to my letting it rip for some serious weekly mileage. And since I am coming, the Oak Creek Brewing Company had better fire up some of their best Ale for my enjoyment.

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