is what I will say to this storm front as soon as I make it up the hill this afternoon. I don’t see any white on the mountains though, interesting.

I hope that McGaughs and Pay ‘N Take are well stocked up on some new and interesting post race brews as I will need several.

Here is my race beverage of choice. Since no one down here sells it, I will be picking some up at the world foods or whatever it is east of NAU. And Go D-Backs!!! I will listen to the game as I am driving.

And I cant forget to rep my sponsor, Wheaties Fuel. If you are up there and see me I will have ample samples (of cereal) to hand out. Hit me up!


The most beautiful time-lapse video

that I have seen in along time. filmed in Northern Arizona and parts of Utah this video captures the reason why so many people love these areas. Unspoiled, breathtaking views of the best mother nature has to offer. I personally like the Sedona and Flagstaff shots the best. Painted Desert is nice too!

Watch it in HD with the volume turned up.