Rock and Roll Arizona has a new route, AGAIN.

I think this race has changed the course more times than any race I have ever seen.  It seems like every other year it is a NEW AND IMPROVED ROUTE!  In other words, yes we are aware that last years route sucked, was boring and lame.  So try this one.  So this years version is now out and while  I like the full and half having different starting points, the out and back section for the full will not be a thrilling part for any runner who plans on finishing over 3 hours.  There are few things as discouraging while trudging through the mid to late section of a marathon than to see all of the faster runners going by you in the other direction on their way to finishing 15-40 minutes faster than you.  Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I think the city of Snottsdale got their panties in a bunch as they felt that more of the race needed to be held on their streets of gold.  Well you have the out and back.  Be loud, be proud, Snottsdale.

I understand that I can sound anti-RNR races, which isn’t always true.  I plan to do the New Years event in Palm Springs this year.  i just get annoyed with the hype and fake excitement that is created by silly things like a new route, a different color race shirt this year, the next rehashed rock band that hasn’t been mainstream in at least 10 years doing the post race concert, etc.  Be happy about your race but don’t act like you cured AIDS by doing some minor adjustment to your race.  And while you are at it, stop acting like every runner who is running for the “Official charity” (TNT) is the greatest person you have ever met and the other runners are lame for not being a part of the purple pride.

With tons of fanfare, here is the new Arizona RNR route.

As for me and my training, I hit up Deems Hill today with visions of doing at least 2 loops of the complete trail, instead I got through 1.5 and called it quits.  My legs were toast from the start and I was huffing and puffing like a hobo and his can of spray paint. Here are a few pictures that I snapped while trying get my legs and lungs about me.

This is not the sign you want to see when starting off on a multi hour trail run.

When I finally reached the top, for some reason I felt like taking in the fact that I made it up here in uder 30 minutes.  To do what any self respecting trail runner would do, I took a video of where I stood.  Douchey, I know.  Here it is.

I ordered Hammer Nutrition’s Race Caps Supreme.  They should be here from Tri-Sports this afternoon, and I will give them a full try out this weekend with a few half-marathon distance runs.  Hopefully they work as well as advertised.  I will let you know.  EDIT:  They just arrived!  Scary post run with no shower picture to follow:


Might be my last post for a while so until then…


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