Nike Dri Fit = sponge. Wet sponge.

It appears that the soccer (futbol) team FC Barcelona is a little annoyed with their new Nike Dri Fit jerseys as they do a very poor job of actually being…dry.  The team has gone as far as to weigh the jersys at halftime to see home much weight in sweat they are holding.

I found this amusing as I have purchased a few Nike Dri Fit shirts recently and was beginning to wonder if it was my imagination or if my  already high rate of sweat had increased even more as the shirts are dripping with sweat after every run.  I know that the materials they put on the shelf is not the exact same as the materials they are providing to one of the best soccer teams in the world, but it has to be close.  They almost feel as if they are made of some plastic.  I don’t know if mine like FCB’s are made out of recycled milk containers…to me that explains a lot about how they don’t dry out.  When I ran the Chicago marathon in 2005 I arrived in Chicago to 40 degree temperatures after training in the Arizona 90+ degree heat.  I was frigid.  So at the expo I bought a disposable jacket that was made from…recycled milk containers.  It worked well and kept me warm, but it didn’t allow any of my sweat to evaporate, so under the jackets was my own personal sauna.  By the time I took the jacket off and trashed it at mile 7 my shirt could not be any wetter. Add the cold temps and wind, you get my feeling of having the flu around mile 20 and barely being able to hang on for a finish.

If you came here to read the FCB article click the link……………………….right ……………………………………. here.




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