Olympic Medals

Athens 1896 Gold MedalAthens 1896 Gold MedalParis 1900 Gold MedalParis 1900 Gold MedalSt Louis 1904 Gold MedalLondon 1908 Gold Medal
London 1908 Gold MedalStockholm 1912 Gold MedalStockholm 1912 Gold MedalAntwerp 1920 Gold MedalAntwerp 1920 Gold MedalParis 1924 Gold Medal
Paris 1924 Gold MedalAmsterdam 1928 Gold MedalAmsterdam 1928 Gold MedalLos Angeles 1932 Gold MedalBerlin 1936 Gold MedalLondon 1948 Gold Medal
Helsinki 1952 Gold MedalMelbourne 1956 Gold MedalRoma 1960 Gold MedalRoma 1960 Gold MedalTokyo 1964 Gold MedalMexico 1968 Gold Medal

Sweet. I want a few of these.


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