Trip recap

I have been back from my trip to San Diego (AKA Paradise) for a week now and decided that it is time to get a little (picture heavy) recap posted.  We had a great time, enjoyed the day we spent at the Catamaran Resort and my fun early morning run along the boardwalk of Mission Beach.   I was very impressed by how they had all of these locals show up for my arrival, thanks for the warm welcome!

We took a boat ride around Mission Bay (a few times) and enjoyed the ride along with the fireworks from Sea World.

The real vacation started when we hit the Sunset Cliffs and OB area.  While there we stayed at the Inn at Sunset Cliffs. 

My daughter’s 11th birthday hit while we were out there so we took her shopping at a few of the local outlet malls and had a fantastically bloating lunch at the Corvette Diner.  Both kids had fun, which was the main point.

A few of the places we went that I would like to mention were Hodads  (very good), and the Olive Tree Marketplace.  Olive Tree has the best selection of craft beers I have run across- including several of the specialty stores in Phoenix.  They have brews from many different breweries as well as loads of various styles in 4 packs, 6 packs, bombers, and other assorted sizes.  If you like beer and are in the area you really need to do yourself a favor and hit this place up.  Here are pictures from a few of their displays and they dont include the wall of coolers filled up. I have to add that their deli sandwiches and salads are very tasty, I wish we would have gone there a few more times.

If you are looking for a craft beer but are not close to the Olive Tree, this place will do in a pinch.

I was in the middle of San Diego Sparkler territory, but ran acorss this awesome sight.

One day my Brother in Law came down to spend the day with us.  He took up to La Jolla to see the Sea Lions.  Beautiful place with crystal clear water. Thanks for taking us Ryan!  Crazy place, busy and only one way in and out.

We then went to Pizza Port in OB where the beer chick gave me the wrong beer the first time I went up, but it was still good.  Just dont know what it was. 35 cent wing and cheese stick night is not to be missed!

I got some great, beautiful runs in while there.  Running on the coastline is so refreshing and makes it feel effortless, until you hit the hills.  Hills along the coast?  Yep.

Plus I was able to relax and recover after tearing my body up running.

I saw this car and have no idea what it was advertising. I would take it though.

I know that I am forgetting a bunch of other places, people, and things, so here is a video recap and some random pictures to end the post.  Stay classy San Diego!


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