I am Still not sure ifI am going to run the Arizona Road Racers 4th of July race tomorrow morning. It isn’t very far away, and it starts early so the heat wont be a factor.  I think that I am so focused on vacation coming up, what we will do, what plans need to be made, that I am not looking at what is directly in front of me.  Missing today by focusing on tomorrow.  That can be a dangerous way to live. Not that a 4 mile race and a vacation literally on the Pacific Ocean aren’t life changers, but you can miss one if you aren’t looking.

I think I will stop thinking about it, and if I wake up early enough to get there to register and run I will do it.


Here is a picture I took at the community pool last night during their pre-4th of july shindig.  It may not be the most srtistic, but I like it.  Have a great and safe 4th everyone.


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