Keep it copasetic

This has been a good week.  The new job started this week and while there were some bumps along the way and I am going to have to learn to to work with “them”, as I am now one of “them”.  Working at the main office has a different mindset, attitude, and feel but it is good.

I haven’t been able to say this for some time, but I did 53 minutes on the dreadmill and it felt GREAT. I could have kept going for who knows how much longer, but I kept it in control as I have witnessed the misery of overtraining first hand to many times. I had an all Oasis playlist during the run, which I think helped.  That and watching the misery on the faces of the riders in the Tour De Suisse on TV.

I had a crazy thought to try and run the Soulstice Mountain trail race in October, then head down to Phoenix, hop a plane and run the Denver Rock and Roll marathon the next day.  Neat thought, but it will remain just that.  I haven’t been going to run Deems Hill lately as it has apparently become the sunbathing capitol of the north Valley for rattlesnakes.  Don’t need that.

You know how I dig most things Japanese, and here is a Japanese runner who recently went through Flagstaff on a cross country trek for peace.  Oddly enough it is called the Peace Run.

I had a great fathers day, starting with a homemade breakfast, presents from my family (a french coffee press and an “authentic” Arizona Diamondbacks black away jersey). I am impressed that they remembered that I said that I wanted both of those.  I have a great family.

I feel that I have been neglecting the site here lately other than throwing down an occasional video or picture.  Time often gets the best of me.  I am working on becoming more organized and motivated.  I have always thought of myself as an organized person, maybe I just don’t always motivate myself to start, follow through, and enjoy the results. I really need to get more savvy with the wordpress for android on my phone.

Since it has been customary for me to post at least one picture each post, I will leave you with my latest desktop picture.  Enjoy.

And here is a video that I think most of you will like.  “The power of words”.  I really think everyone needs to watch this and give it some deep thought.  


Peace out.



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