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People have asked where I get all of the 430 miler quotes.  Well here they are, I just wish that I had the other 10,000 plus that were out there.


do you ever feel your mentallity has overdone your physicallity?? 4/17/2007 4:14PM

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do you ever feel that your mind has overdone what you were actually destined to accomplish?? i mean, do you ever feel like your mentallity is superior to any and all of your opponents and therefore that is why you beat them in a race?

im not going to go into the depths about the psychological requirements that are needed (physiologically) to run times such as 159, 427, etc… but the ratio of mental prowess compared to actually physical training involved in catastrophic. the old saying “nobody can coach is desire” is very true, and i believe i am walking proof of that.

in other words, do you believe in fate and that it was actually someone else’s turn for victory; but you overcome the odds of fate because you were that mentally tough?
i am often left with the feeling that it just wasnt meant to be, but yet i still come out on top and believe that i just pushed the limits more than anyone else. obviously, mentallity effects physicallity. anything done physically is FIRST done mentally and a mental picture should be accumulated in order to achieve that feat.

this is a very odd feeling that i get, but i guess its only natural once you have grown to love a certain sport so much; or should i say grown to love anything/anyone so much. the endorphins that i have developed over the many years in this sport have created something more than words can describe, a word much stronger than passion; a word whos meaning is my entire physiological being and everything within it. its like me and running are 1 of a kind, 2 separate nouns combined together by likeness over the many years to form 1 unique friendship.

back to my original statement, i sometimes feel that it was my destiny to only be a much slower mile runner. i believe that with my own mentallity i broke 427 and prooved destiny wrong, because thats how hard it was to do. the mind is very beautifull and its amazing the things that it can do with the right ammount of desire, therefore im a firm believer in mind > matter, mentallity > physicallity.

dont ever let them tell you that you cant do it.
only you can control your mind.

the430miler wrote:

hey trackstar77, i will be more than happy to share some of the things that have made me mentally tougher in my life.
PLEASE BARE WITH ME, this may get long. ill try to separate it into several posts.

first off, i have stated several times that “experience is the best teacher”, this also is in terms of having the ups and downs of running and life. a person CANNOT RESPECT THE GOOD THINGS IN LIFE UNLESS THEY HAVE EXPERIENCED THE BAD.

next let me say the injuries ARE PART OF THIS SPORT. i believe they can be ovoided with proper knowledge and experience; but the consequence of realizing how to do this is harsh. it means you have had to acquire some type of LONG-TERM PAINFULL INJURY SOMETIME IN YOUR LIFE OR CAREER.

it is my personal belief that every runner should have the upmost mental precaution of the severity of some injuries, and how precious that the human body is.

although i would never wish injury upon another person, i believe that all runners NEED TO HAVE A LONG TERM INJURY IN THEIR CAREER SO THEY WILL HAVE MORE RESPECT FOR THEIR FUTURE HEALTH. a few years ago i LOVED RUNNING, but i had no respect for the severity of some injuries and the anguish that poor physical health can cause on your mental health.

to make a long story short, i was very angry at a past track coach for not putting me in the correct events and stretching out a young man an opposing team who happened to be my main competition. i went and did took out my anger on my own body and did some upsidedown situos with a 50lb weight behind my head. i tore my illiopsoas and was bedridden for A YEAR in several different mental and physical hospitals before i was healed. i was in a physical hospital but then they never could find out what the injury was and that went to my head and i became suicidal after several months of mental and physical pain with NO ANSWERS OR PHYSIOLOGICAL REASONING for the pain. TRACK WAS MY LIFE, and it was all taken away from me.

finally after 6 months i was able to see the best doctor in the nation, and he was able to find out the problem. i also watched benny hinn on television later that after noon and i believe the the lords healing, along with an additional 6months of physical therapy allowed me to walk again without pain. it took a whole year to heal the illiopsoas. no surgery can be done on this muscle because it is THE CORE OF YOUR BODY. IT IS YOUR SOUL. RUNNING WAS MY SOUL AND I WENT SOULLESS WITH OUT.

after overcomming, i was mentally tougher than ever. i never sacrificed another day of running. i still take off on sundays because i believe that is the day of rest, but other than that i do what i love to do and that is RUN my heart out with all of my competitive intentions.
i am now mentally tougher than any other young runner out there, because i have experienced the worst of the worst.
i may not be a 4:00 miler, but i have more PASSION, LOVE, and DESIRE for the sport than any sub-4 miler out there.

i wouldnt wish a torn illiopsoas on my worst enemy, but if there was only some way that i could make people realize how precious their physiological career is, without putting them through all of the months of suffering that i went though, then they would understand and never take things and life for granted as i once did.

i believe that the majority of the months in the year 2005 made me age atleast 8-10 years due to mental stress. i have noticed that immediately after my injury was concluded, i started to have several grey hairs on my head. i dont think its coincidental, but that was the longest year ever.
i seriously feel like i am in my middle-aged years of life because of all i have been through, but once again i am tougher than ever.

mentallity is what effects your physicallity. there is no physical self, only what the mind controls.
dont let it overcome you like it once did me. dont let your thoughts control your actions into evil things.
THE BRAIN IS STRONGER THAN THE PAIN. things will get better. life will get better.


i just found out that people in the work-force do not get the annual spring break that it is awarded to all of us school-aged people.

my spring break was a couple weeks ago; but i noticed recently that my father, who is the Head Chief of Tribal Affairs for the Arapaho Nation, has not yet had a spring break yet this year. so i asked him, “father, why when is your spring break this year?” he replies… “we adults dont get spring break, that is for school aged children. not grown-ups.”

I WAS MENTALLY SHOCKED AND ASTOUNDED!!! i cannot believe that grownups dont get a spring break. i think all people need a spring break.

i will demand a spring vacation in my future career. i will probably seek employment at the local correctional facility or the new high-tech Budweiser facility when i am out of highschool in a couple of years, because thats where the majority of people in my town work; and it doesnt take a masters degree from a local university. im basically already a physiology extrordinare, i just dont have a certificate from a local university like Jack Daniels does.

i have seriously doubted runnung college track because i am sick and tired of coaches hammering me on recovery days.
if only i had my personal coach John Bravo as my dictator during the college track season. that would be great. but that is a couple of years from now. i will be ready to move on to the next stage of life and make money at 1 of the 2 facilities mentioned above. i will demand a spring break.
maybe they just call it vacation or something else.

i think all people need a spring break. we need this time to our leisurness and to do things we enjoy like…RUNNING!

was anyone else on this website mentally aware that adults dont get spring breaks??

LARGE intestines of the human runner 4/30/2007 3:14PM

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yes indeed, it was another day of academics and track practice. i did my normal routine of attending school and practice, i usually just go through the motions lackadiasically for at my school practice; but then i go workout with my personal coach and practice balls to the wall.

typically, practice with my personal coach includes a brief speech of physical motivation. contents in the speech are geared towards motivating me physically before practice begins. after practice concludes, he usually gives me a prolonged speech of mental motivation. these are to get me mentally motivated through recovery and until the next workout. well, today was one of, if not the BEST speeches/lectures that i have ever heard.

coach told me the story of “Secretariat”, the racehorse.
when coach was a young boy, his father used to take him to watch Secretariat win races. Secretariat was a beast, he set many world records that still stand to this very day.
he is noted as the greatest racehorse of all time, AND THE GREATEST NON-HUMAN ATHLETE OF ALL TIME.

his performance was so phenomenal, after he passed away from laminitis, several physiologists and surgeons wanted to disect him to find out what made him such a physiological beast. so, they took out the scalpel, and went to work. they had just bearly made the incision of fur when they noticed that his intestines were MASSIVE.
his lungs, liver, kidneys, and most of all the heart, was 4x larger than any other horses intestinse are supposed to be. the great size of his lungs were enough to easily enable him to win several kentucky derby races and set world records, but HIS HEART WAS ALSO LARGER BECAUSE HE HAD MORE DESIRE AND PASSION TO WIN.

we all know that some athletes must have an enlarged lung capacity, such as alan webb to pump out those 58 second quarters as a highschooler, or my personal favorite, Paul Tergat, to run 26.2 miles at a 450 pace per mile. they are both physiological phenomenons, very similar to what Secretariat was.

those runners have larger intestines than other humans, which enables them to run so fast. but Secretariat was physiological proof that a LARGE HEART MEANS MORE DESIRE TO WIN. HE HAD MORE HEART, AND HE WANTED IT MORE THAN ANY OTHER HORSE.

in conclusion, i was very mentally inspired.
i was encouraged and inspired to have more heart that my opponents, because we have proof that was what Secretariats strategy was. long live Secretariat and his overwellming mentallity, heart, desire, and passion for the sport!!

mentallity > physicallity.

we have all seen that the members kenyan and ethiopian population have several piercings in several different areas of their body. you see it on the discovery/learning channel every day.

it seems like all of these piercing is sort of an unhealthy thing to do to your body, and i was wondering of any of the elite kenyan or ethiopian runners have all of these piercings and just take them out right before the race.
in many african tribes, they MUST have these piercings and body markings because it is part of their culture and religion.

do any of our elite african runners have these numerous piercings?? it would seem like an obligation to them because its unhealthy, and all of us elite runners are obsesed with our health.

ok, heres the deal.
first off, let me announce that the 5k is my worst event.
i only run 17’s for 5k, but have maintained that to run 34:01 for 10k.
but i must use the 5k as an example in this thread because it is the most widely ran distance that is raced every weekend around the world, primarily by the average middle aged male who wants to get in shape or impress his wife and family. im not coming on here to state that ive found some new physiological concept; because id probably get bashed for that. but in all my years of association with the sport, i have talked to several athletes who have told me that it was harder on their body (physiologically) to run all out for 18:00 compared to running all out for 15:00.

when i first started running xc in highschool, the distance was obviously the 5k. during that season, i ran in the low-mid 18’s, having no prior physiological career or athletic background other than some occasional streetball.

after a few races i got addicted to the sport because of the enormous ammount of pain that coincided with running all out for 18:00, but then i got faster. i remember when i was running 18’s, it took me forever to recover. several days. it was very hard on my body and i knew that something wasnt right; i knew that everyone else wasnt experiencing the same ammount of pain that i was, either more or less, but mainly more because i know for a FACT that it is harder to run all out for 16:xx than it is for 18:xx. its harder on your body and takes you longer to recover because you are running for a longer period of time.

i am not saying that the people running 15’s have it easier during the race, or easier any aspect via racing. they are enduring a more intense ammount of pain for 15:00, and that is the primary reason why it takes them only 15:00 to finish the race, not 18.
but my claim is that it is harder to run all out for 18:00 compared to 15:00 because you are running at your maxV02 for a longer period of time; thus, it is harder on your body for the remaining 3:00 that you ran.

bottom line? i got tired of having to race for 18:xx, and the ole’ mental theory of “the faster you get it done, the less pain time you will endure” actually kicked in gear.
i ran 16:46 that summer for 5k on the track, and it seemed much shorter not in terms of pain intensity, but in terms of duration of the pain and how long it lasted. just thing of all the people that have dropped 30 minuted off of their marathon time!! thats 30 minutes less racing and 30 minutes less pain endured.!!

these people who out there running 5k’s in the 18’s-20’s zone, have to race longer than we do. its harder on their body, but maybe they dont want the race to be over that fast. i hope that some day these people, if they have the mental and physical ability, are able to overcome the longer duration of racing, and come to the same conclusion that i did, which is……
“the faster you get it done, the faster its all over with”
and this is true both mentallly and physicallly.
your body will thank you, because it will take you less time to recover.

mentallity > physicality

incredible dream about why i love track so much 6/17/2007 5:24AM

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last night, while sleeping, i had an incredible dream about why i love track so much.

the is dream mainly revolved around the simplicity of track, and why it is superior to cross country. in the dream, i was thinking about the global unit of time (a second) and how it is the same, no matter where you go.
i started applying this to running, 1 second = 1 second, no matter where or when you are running; therefore, track is very precise and TIMES DONT LIE. i know how i felt the day i ran my 427, and im glad that our timing system is set up the way it is because i know exactly how fast i will have to run to set my next personal best.

there arent any factors in track. there are no descrepancies about the distance ran, difficulty of the distance (because the surface is flat) and you know exactly how good you are depending on your time.
a 200meters in 30 seconds is the same, every time.
the only factor that i can think of would be the wind, thats the only thing that you cant control. of course, i live in the northen united states and we dont have much wind.

another reason i love track is because you know exactly where you are in the race at all times, because you are on a measured surface. you can see the finish line at all times and you know how far away you are from it. i love track because you in total control of your race. There arent near as many excuses as in cross country where people and spectators have mental doubts about their performance because of their time on a course that is “supposably” 5k, 8k, 10k, or whatever. they will never have the meantl assurance that their time was even legitimate because why? BECAUSE ALL THE COURSES ARE DIFFERENT DIFFICULITIES AND THE DISTANCE ISNT AS PRECISE AS TRACK.

as i said, i love to be in total control of my race. i like to handle of all of the factors that i can handle. for example, wearing a plate with enough energy return, or wearing a plate with enough cushioning so your feet dont get burned by the track. these are all factors that i can handle/control. really the only factor that i cant control is the wind, but we dont get that much of it up here.

these are just some of the many reason why track is and always will be superior to cross country.


all of the races for horses are the “quarter mile” or if youre a serious track athlete like myself, 400meters.
400metres is a sprint race, even for humans.

is there some physiological reasoning why they only have horses running the 400meters?? why not the mile? why not the 5k or the marathon??

i understand that the marathon would be boring to watch with a horse running that many laps around the track, but they could atleast have road races for horses. i just dont understand what it is about the 400meters that makes it the only race distance for a horse?? can they not run farther than that? shorter than that??

its either 1 of 2 reasons.

1. theres something physiological about the equines body that im unaware of that makes them incapable of running an alternate distance. (i dont claim to be an equine physiological extrordinaire, only a human physiology extrordinaire.)

2. for financial/social reasons, the raceparks and casinos dont think they would get enough money from gamblers to watch races that arent sprint oriented.

is this just a further analogy of the american society and how we only adhere to watching things that are easy to comprehend? does anyone else find it ironic that horse sprinting is the main attraction just like sprinting is the main atraction in human racing?? sprinters get all of the attention, and may be primarily because of the growing urban/hip-hop culture in the united states, that runs along the same lines of people with poor mentallity and anaerobic lifestyles. the “easy way” is the cool way.
“sprinting” shows more athleticism than “endurance”. this is what america has assimilated to believe.

i really dont understand the stereotypes that are involved with athletics, even when it comes to horse racing. im a distance runner, so obviously i have no foot speed. i wear short shorts, so obviously im view as a homosectual by the urban runners in my community. would a horse be looked at the same way if he and his jockey attempted to do race a different distance?? i wouldnt doubt it.

please enlighten me as to why horses can only be known as sprinters. it is “we” the people who control them. i dont feel they should be subject to solely racing that distance, just for the sake of human amuesment and american assimilation. ive already told the story of secretariat on here, but ill do it again if needed. its pretty extreme. the only valid reasoning for forbidding horses to compete at higher distances would be a physiological deficit, that could injure their long term health. it seems as though sprinting and living the anaerobic lifestyle is killing enough horses as it is.

so what other factors are involved here, and why is horse racing only a 400meter sport?? discuss.

the430milers letter to his girlfriend, written and posted on letsrun 5/13/07…..

hay was happnin Monika mommy’?? befo you read this realize that i am NOT a moody person and i dont have mood swings like a lil bitch and i neva say anything that i dont truly mean. this is just somethin i have observed about us ova a period of time and i would neva take it bacc…..

do you realize its been almost 3 months since started talkin?? lol it has been and funny enough the only thang that has kept us so close and felt like it been shorter than that has been our conversation’.
you , my dear, was the one who said that you missed me; and all im tryin to do is cure you of that shyt. im down for whenever or wherever you wanna go, but at sometime or another we need to “go”. i toldju that i dont have to see you everyday, even though i wanna, but i have been looking forward to seeing you on the weekends and each time you have had some excuse. im not sayin that isnt wasnt a valid excuse im just sayin that i am making effort and time for us to be together and i dont feel like your puttin in any effort at all. i am in school full time and im a college tracc star (u.s. 1500 junior champion) and i am a busy person, but nichelle i will put alot of it aside, especially on the weekends for us to be together. i kno you go to school but you dont work so i dont undastand what could be taking up all of your time. i dunno, maybe you spendin it wit other boyz, i dunno.

you told me you was wit your family on one of the weekends, and i undastand that family cums first, but girls do you undastand that i could be your future family’?? honey i would be there for you and go to prom witchu and be there to congratulate you at graduation and give you a big kiss in front of your whole family’ i aint scarred’.

i just cant keep livin like this and talking to you like your my girlfriend cuz youre not even makin time for me to see you on the WEEKEND~!! i mean, everytime my phone buzzes, my heart skipz a beat cuz i hope it you sayin you wanna kicc it but it ends up bein some other girl or my mother, and it just breaks my heart. im not sayin that ive givin my heart to you, but im sayin that my passion for you is growin cuz we keep talking and yet i keep hurting becuz more time has past since we have actually been together.

i really want to say that im the lucky one to have you, but im just not sure about that now.
i am NOT A CONCEITED PERSON, but one things for sure, you are the lucky one to have me.
i would neva do leave you or do anything to hurtchu, and im always down to kicc it, i guess this cums bacc to me being too much of a down ass indian boi and you being too much of a bad ass lol.
you’re the lucky one, and if you think you found somebody who can communicate better witchu and run 427 mile then you go right phuccin ahead and you go out wit them, cuz you wont find nobody realer than me’. im not conceited i just feel that strongly about the way we connect’.

several people have been holla’n at me, and i have ignored them becuz i have been talkin to you.
that right there is proof that im not a player. even people that arent serious still see each other every day, and im not even axin you for that much. im just axin to see you atleast on the weekends while school is goin on and give me somethin to look forward to without shattering my hopes.

i toldju i can go at whatever pace you wanna go, slow or fast, and i got all the time in the world especially since you seem to be the right one. i just feel you arent giving me any effort. i kno for a fact that the girls dat have been holla’n at me since me met would atleast see me eveyday and have fun wit me, but i really dont wanna go wit them cuz we dont connect like you and me.
i have never been the one to end it, but this may be the very first time that i end a relationship
(is that what it is? we neva see each otha!!) cuz i cant keep hurtin my mentallity like this’.

my MAIN POINT is that we need to either see each other more OR less. i hope the answer is more. its all your decision baby.
just call me and tell me.

i shouldnt have to worry about what i say to you, because i already told you that i would never say anything to purposely offend you. i have the sweetest soul and my heart is only filled with good intentions.

you have continuously refrained from answering my original question. how can you foretell the future of whether or not i would be a good partner by my words alone? just because you disagree with something i say, does NOT give valid proof that i would leave you, cheat on you, or treat you poorly.
my ACTIONS are the only factors that proove my ACTIONS.
you cannot judge me by my words alone, because that does not give you any proof of my love.

are you some sort of Indian Wizard with a crystal ball that enables you to foretell the future from my words?? if so, please tell me what the ball says. does it say i would leave you? lie to you? cheat on you?? please enlighten me.

i dont think its morally right for me to keep taking you bacc. but will do it because i am stupid and allow girlz like you to treat me bad. why are you playing mind games with me?? im not playing them with you.

your statement about having to know a boi long enough before trusting them really revealed alot about you. i have axed you out several times and everytime you have lied to me and made up an excuse because you havent known me long enough??

if you continue to let the past interfere with your future, you will never succeed in relationships or life.
its time for you to wake up and grow up; because youre phuccin witta real N8ive now, and i wont phucc you up like whoever in your past did.

im not sure what else i can say to proove my legitamacy to you. perhaps your crystal ball has already lied to you and said i would treatchu bad. i dont know wherelse youd get that inference that im not the perfect person for you.

you know how to contact me.


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hay TeeJay im here dear’

went to the navajo running camp together and weve been talking on myspace, but you have an away message set. you told me that you posted on letsrun so i though i would give this a shot and anyone else, especially my native runners can read and respond.

sorry sometimes it takes me a few days to respond and gather my thoughts, but ill always get back to you as quickly and honestly as i can; as we have the rest of our natural born lives to talk to each other on here as long as my accounts up and running. if my account ever goes down then ill give my number to my friend Paul Tergat and he’ll give you my number and you can reach me via cell txt for further communication.

ive never really discussed my training regimen or spiritual swagg with anyone because those are issues that are extremely personal to me and somewhat confidential. but i would also like our relationship to be personal, so if we’re going to be personal then u have the right to know the personal details about me, and vice versa.

to explain my training and lifestyle to you as an Indigenous runner, i must start with why i train the way i do and what has brought me to this current state of mind. i too, often wonder about why i do things the way i do, and am at a continuous fork-in-the-road between weather my original training methods worked best because thats the first time my body adapted to a new genre of physiological stress, or because i only did what seemed to be proper and Indigenous to my mind, body, and spirit at the current time. for some odd, yet unknown reason, its for darn certain, that my original training methods that i performed when i first started running were the best for my progression and both mental and physical health as a runner. perhaps it was because my body had yet to age or adapt to any alternate types of stress, or because my mind just developed a mmp (muscle memory pattern) for those methods because that was the basis for what the rest of my physiological career would be derived from. it is imperative that you know, for both of us, the way we interpret our training and lifestyle at the beginning of our competitive running careers, all comes from a foundation that was built from an Indians perception of what is appropriate for our mind, body, and spirit. we do what is Indigenous to us, and we do what is logical to us. this may initiate the “if it aint broke, dont fix it” technique; which yes, i wish i would have installed within my regimen many moons ago. when i began training, and still to this day, i do what is Indigenous to me and what i understand to be ethical for my longevity and emotional well being; as my Indigenous thoughts are the centerpiece of my world as a Cherokee and i will put a further emphasis on this facet in one of the following paragraphs. my apologies babe for the length of this paragraph.

when i compose a training regimen, the first object that i take into consideration is the distance that im training for. you and i both know that you wouldnt race an 800 without doing prior speed work, and you wouldnt race a marathon without putting in a 20-miler every now and then. also to be considered is the surface that you’re racing on. ill inform you right now, i only train on grass. unless its an special occasion or blowout workout, i may occasionally step on the track on wednesday. all of my training is done on the grassy cherokee hills of east central oklahoma.

just like everything else in my life, i prefer to be on a schedule and have my activities planned. a schedule makes life so much more easier for me because im not very proficient at adapting to spontaneous changes in routine. i’ve recently learned to go with the flow, not just in running but in life as well. as i have come of age, i have encountered more and more obsticles that have done their absolute best to interfere with my competitive running career. somedays i feel like an energetic little ndn boy, and somedays i feel like total shyt. i’ve learned to just let the brick wall hit me, instead of me hitting it and allowing it to backset my motivation, charisma, and self esteem as a thriving sociopathic athlete whos only intent is to enjoy life, love, and running while publicly displaying my pride at each given opportunity. staying on topic, ive make numerous attempts at creating a set schedule of what to do on each day of the week. after over 10 years of elite competitive running, i have yet to discover a precise weekly order that cannot be interrupted by outter forces such as weather, family, and how i physically feel, which most of that can be altered by editing my mental state and not being a bitch; yet then when i call myself a bitch and develop acute anger to overcome these foreign barriers that are polluting my regimen, injury typically occurs because there is an extremely thin line between pushing yourself and injuring yourself. the line is even thinner than what it takes to get an ndn card nowadays. even chinese people and blacks have them. point being, the human mind is what tells the physical body what to physically accomplish. anything before it is done physically, is previously done as a mental process. im sure you’ve had psychology. i enjoy running because of the mental attributes and the fact that its NOT a physical sport. its a mental sport and nothing but a mind game to me. sports like football are physical sports and require no strategy. i wanted to show people how mentally magnificent i was by outsmarting them, running at the proper pace, passing my opponents who were stupid and went out too fast, and completing to the race with the best overall mental and physical effort that i could give. running is an art, and i am the artist. just like fancy dancing or making beadwork is an art. i see running as a piano, and i have to play all the keys correctly in training and racing so i can perform good in front of my audience. i also see it as a checking account at a local financial banking institution; when i train, i am putting money in the bank and making deposits. then on race day, i will return to the bank to make a large withdraw. if there no money in the bank, then nothing can be withdrawn. there are several other analogies that cross my mind everytime im remotely thinking about running, but they are from a very Indigenous Cherokee perspective. i think youre Indigenous enough to understand my analogies, so i will continue exposing them to you. most people in urban oklahoma have no idea what im even talking about when i use my analogies. they act as though im speaking another language. my grandparents dont speak english whatsoever, only their own Cherokee dialect; but i just have that deep Native viewpoint about everything and its obviously a genetic thing. thank you for atleast attempting to understand my Indigenous analogies. ill end this paragraph with restating my advice for you in terms of being adaptable to change your schedule and listen to your heart, and apologize for the paragraphs length.

the only segments of my many failed attempts at creating a permanent training schedule that seem to never be shaken, are what i do on the days before and after a race. i swim on the days before and after a race. water and swimming is an enormous crucial category of both my running regimen and spiritual swagg. aquatics really save my joints from the pounding of running, keep my muscles loose, and keep me cardiologically prepared for the race while preventing an overemphasis on both my mental and physical fatigue. the loss of fitness from performing aquatics instead of running, has been repeatedly proven to be rather insignificant to me. you see, tj, when we enter the water, we become part of the water, and the water becomes part of us. we are experiencing the Spirit of Mother Water all around us. we become part of its Spirit, and its Spirit clenses us. this is why i dont take showers. anytime i bath, i always submerge myself in water, so i can be both physically and Spiritually cleaned. my specific Cherokee Clan (Blue Clan) all prefer to be dumped in the water when we die. Indigenous people are made from substances from the earth, and should be placed back into earth after life procedes. so now you are aware of what i do on fridays and sundays. let me try to give an example of the other calendar days darling.

back in the day, i trained year round. in recent years, it seems to me as though weather in Oklahoma has gotten more and more extreme. maybe its just part of our mentallity as Indians, to be more and more suceptible to radical climate as we come of age and horizon begins to dawn upon us. the cold weather has always had a greater impact on me than the heat has. atleast in the heat my body stays loose. during the winter, i can bearly reach down and touch my toes or ever get enough attire on my body to stay warm enough to jog. sure, i did the whole treadmill experiment. the treadmill was good because it had incline and pace adjustments. the hard surface of the treadmill caused me to piss blood, and was a wake up call that i was burning myself out because i wasnt in a competitive season and didnt need to be in competitive condition because i didnt have any important competitive events in my physiological forecast. i hate indoor track because of the surface, turns, and reduction in lap distance. the only asset that intrigued me about indoor track was the fact that there was no wind. you know Oklahoma is notorious for the wind due to its global positioning and large surface area of plains. ur a southern plains ndn and know about the plains. im a eastern woodlands Native and my people lived in thickly varnished forests in log cabins, as opposed to open terrain and teepees. so with the elimination of the treadmill, i then infered the fact that eye should just work on my flexibility and strenth during the winter months. my previous plan was do base work, plyometrics, and calisthenics during the december and january, and june and july. i chose these months because they were the time of year when i had just finished my big state competition, and was farthest (duration wise) from when i needed to be ready to unhook the plow and kick ass. but, as stated, the frigid oklahoma climate just got unbearable and was obsolete compared for my toleration for the heat and the leisure i found in sweating; as sweating and heat go hand in hand, and sweating is a ceremonial ritual for me. the end result, and current calendar for my active running months runs march-october. id rather race in the heat than train in the cold and be more prone to injury due to stiff muscles. a 4 month annual base period was not only beneficial to me, but it was essential for my peak perfomance pumpkin. so now u know what months out of the year i train and race. i exclude november-february and use that time to regenerate, increase flexibility, gain strength, and practice my patience as a calm gentle spirited Cherokee boy battling the cold and waiting for the upcoming running season sweetie pie. now onto the my training days and what is done on them.

i train monday through thursday. i feel like total shyt when i wake up outside every morning (i told u i sleep outside) but its much better compared to when i sleep inside on a damn bed. either way, i always feel like ive been hit by a locomotive when i arise. perhaps i have morning sickness? (haha i told u this ndn got jokes). so i do feel better when attempting to run in the late afternoons, but thats also when its hottest and how can i ever wake up early sat morning for a race if i dont practice waking up early in the week? ya, some definate muscle and psychological muscle memory patters occuring there as well my woman. so as far as the moment of day in which i train, it does vary from day to day depending on how i feel; but i do always atleast try to begin running as soon as the sun wakes me up. for the record, the kenyans run at 6 and 10. the 6am session is easy mileage and they really push themselves during the 10am session. i enjoy running at night under Mother Moon and Sister Stars, but i always seem to step in hole. so now you know what time of day i run hun. onto what i do when i run.

everyones body is different, and mine is far different from anyone elses i have ever heard of or seen. my body is able to make the transistion from aerobic training to anaerobic training very smoothly and quickly. it may take me as little as 2 speed sessions to fully develop my anaerobic system and be able to outkick everyone in the race and have the speed bullet in my gun. (i know, that may be another Indigenous analogy that only makes since to my tribal affiliations) i eventually learned what is necessary to be able to race when the time calls. i’ve learned that as long as my body is not lacking mileage, then i will be able to participate and compete in the race. when u skip mileage or skip days, youre screwed. so dont allow your mind to convince/persuade you to skip an entire day just because you had planned to do a hard session and you arent feeling up to par. instead of taking a subaticle for that day, just run easy on that day and then you wont be behind for your next training session or race. postpone your hard runs if need be. unless you are a runner than only races 400meters or shorter, then you have to run some type of mileage everyday. sprinters can take days off. we cant. sprinters can eat whatever they want. we cant. sprinter can f*** hott cheerleaders and gain publicity for their performance. we cant. ill tell you right now, I do not like sprinters or their lifestyle. why would you only want to race for a few seconds? That takes no strategy or pacing. I can do everything that a sprinter can do, yet he can do nothing that I can do. Similar to the ignorant wannabe distance runners that go out too fast and don’t pace themselves, sprinters live an anaerobic lifestyle and only live life in the fast lane. Running was meant to be that way, and life wasn’t meant to be that way. Running, just like life, was meant to be performed at a steady pace; and have different increments of fast times and slow times. I do not want my life to go by fast. I enjoy being bored and alone because it has taught me how to appreciate the things in life that matter most, and observe the beautiful universe that Creator has created. unlike other youth, I would rather sit outside alone and gaze at the sky or watch an eagle as it is flying or witness the wonders luminescence of the firefly. If I could ask Creator any two queries, my queries would be what is the extent of the atmosphere, and what is the origin of human existence. These are my two biggest queries because the theories to these questions differ from tribe to tribe and they are like a continuous thorn in my mind, as they are a attestation that we as Indians, and humans, know absolutely nothing about who what where why or when we were Created by Creator. All I know is what my Nation believes, and that’s not always enough for me. so as you can collaborate that I do have a large amount of lucid thoughts to occupy my mind and time, you can believe that my entire philosophy of running goes much deeper than just a simple sprint or physical foot race. when we race, we are battling other people minds. Not their bodies. although I live an aerobic lifestyle and take everything in life stride-by-stride, I also live under the “let the good times roll” parable due to an increment of the frequency of days that I feel like shyt. So if I feel like shyt then theres nothing I can do but wait it out, enjoy my day off, and focus on the 3 ingredients of my life that could possibly be placed ahead of running. Those being my Pride, my Spirituality, and continuous debate of how overrated humanly love is and the 2 questions I told u I wanted answered by my Creator. Aside from the “let the good times roll” outlook, the majority of my life and training is executed with the apathetic aerobic mentality of a true distance runner, and easy-come easy-go mileage and milestones of infatuation within my Indigenous verve.

Ill begin to give samples of my mileage and the 1 day each work that I run hard and invent workouts that have gained attention solely for their creativity. Since you now know that I live a calm, aerobic lifestyle; you’ll see that my aerobic training and life are one of the same. Im a firm believer that this smooth mileage with 1 day of anaerobic work per week can provide any runner with the needed credentials to perform at a upmost competitive state from ranging from 800meters to half marathon distance. I do believe a weekly long run of 10miles in beneficial to long term peak performance, but not essential for short term competitive racing. Monday and Tuesday and Thursday I run a 5 mile loop on hilly terrain at conversation pace. This may be 12 minutes per mile. You’re mileage isnt supposed to be fast. The main idea is to complete the run. Wednesday is the only day of the week, besides Saturday (race day) that I run hard. One thing you must learn, my love, is that a RACE IS A WORKOUT, BUT A WORKOUT IS NOT A RACE. each race is a stepping stone towards your next race. you cant run a 420 mile without already having a 425 under your belt. Daily workouts, except for the annual blowout workout, are only intended to maintain fitness inbetween races. Not gain fitness or backset you like they are so notorious for doing. I will reveal my biggest training secret to all of my competitive running career in my next paragraph. But now you know that I just do easy 5 mile runs on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. And you know I swim on Friday and Sunday. Please allow me to enlighten you on the 1 remaining day of my training week. Wednesday.
Wednesday is the only day of the week that I train hard. It is also my only anaerobic training day of the week. Wednesday always involve a track workout or time trial of an uphill mile. As it all depends on where im at in the season, the longer track intervals are done earlier in the season and the shorter faster ones are done later in the season. When im one the track, I decide if I want to work with odd or even intervals. If im working with odd intervals, this is the workout I do……700,500,300,100. All at maximum effort with full, yet, minimal recovery. 5 minutes is good time allotted in between reps. If im working with even intervals, this is the workout I do…600,600,400,400,200,200,100,100. 600s at mile goal pace, 400s at 800 goal pace or maximum effort, 2s and 1s maximum effort. Full recovery. Im tellin u my n8ive sista, I don’t play no games on the track. All of days in throughout the week are easy jogging and Wednesday is my only hard day. So I take care of business on that day. My system is even flexible enough to exclude Wednesday entirely and just do mileage all week, and id still be able to race to my potential on Saturday. But speed on the track makes me feel like a badass. 430miler Oklahoma Cherokee badass.

Oh ya, I almost forgot that I promised to reveal my training secret to you. Please don’t tell anyone. I’ve never told this to anyone before. This is very important to me, but I also want you to be very important to me because I admire the fact that you’re a healthy native woman and you just might be Indigenous enough to understand me and my ways. My most confidential training secret is….are you ready??….. easy days are extremely easy and hard days are extremely hard. That is my training secret. There are no medium days. As your ability progresses, you hard days should be performed harder and your easy days should be performed much easier. That is my secret to success. My advice to you when youre cruising an easy day, or kiccin ass and being an apache female warrior on a hard day, is to do your running in rememberance of the ppl without any legs. On the easy days, just cruise and be thankfull that you have those nice slender sexy legs to run on. And on the hard days, take advantage of what you do have and live life on the wild side. Always remember it could be a lot worse, and you could be in a wheelchair. Millions of paraplegics would kill to be able to run like you boo. So take advantage of your luscious legs and use them to the best of your adorable ability babe.

As far as your diet is concerned, I cant really help you there because everyones digestion system is different. Im sure yours and mine are very similar because we are both ndns. Its not like we’re comparing an Indian stomach to a white persons stomach. That would be like comparing us to an alien haha. You have to experiment and see what works best for you. I used to eat and drink just protein after races, but then I concluded that my body responds and recovers better when I just consume simple carbs after running, and then load up on the protein later that evening for maximum recovery. But day to day, well, I eat a lot of fried carbs. My diet consists primarily of French fries, tator tots, hashbrowns, potatoes chips, mashed potatoes, chocolate, and popcorn. These are all complex carbohydrates and great for runners. I rarely eat pure meat unless its during our ceremonies and I eat buffalo. I like to eat granola bars, and I also drink over a gallon of unsweet tea per day. i drink water when im brushing my teeth, but most of my fluids are some sort of non-acidic juice, or root beer. I eat large, yet drink larger on the nights before a race. I may eat either a granola bar and/or a hashbrown 1 hour before the race begins. I used to take anabolic steroid shots, but they were keeping me up all night and cause insomnia sweetie. So now I take supplements from the Shaklee company. I drink the banana flavored Shaklee physique after hard workouts and races, and usually mix the powder with green tea or Gatorade. Ndn tacos have a great protein/carb ratio. Fry bread is also a great source of carbohydrates. Any type of dough, potato, rice, etc…is substantial. Just find out what works best for you. I do what I like to do. I do whats Indigenous to me, and that is something I want to discuss with you in great detail dumpling.

thats very exceptional.
my people, family, fans, and supporters base their judging criteria off effort. if i was giving all of my effort, then they will be proud and satisfied with me, reguardless of my performance; and more improtantly, i am always upmost satisfied with myself when i give my best effort….all things considered.

for some odd reason im always much more sore after running downhill than i am uphill. my hypothesis is that you’re leaning backwards when going downhill and straining legs muscles that you dont typically use when running uphill or on flat surfaces.

i relinquish seeing the day when my primary concern is dominating my age group, but that may dawn on me faster than i would prefer. im still in the zone of competing for overall place in the race, because its usually a guarantee that if youre the top finisher in the race, then you’re bound to win you’re age group as well (lol at my subtle sarcasm). but for the most part i think road and xc racing displays who is better on a variety of terrain(s).

my race went also went well on the track, as did my performance at Red Earth 5k. as u know the Red Earth was a tune up for me and mainly being completed for pride purposes. the only thing i despise about track is waiting around all day for my event. my body has always been best suited for the mile/1500, ive just accepted thats the way Creator created me and i do what i can, with what i have, for His sake each day. my idealism has always been that at the end of the day you should do a combination of what your best at, and what you enjoy doing, which usually are one of the same. for the most part, i generally do whatever feels right and is most Indigenous to me. i never felt obligated do certain things because of my identity, although pretty much my entire world revolves around being Cherokee, i run because i enjoy running and i dance because i enjoy dancing; there have never been any stereotypical obligations for me within my activities.

ive become able to listen to my heart, listen to Spirit, and listen to my own body to guide me in my passionate path of training and racing. The people that follow their own desires and do what is Native to them, are the people that i admire most; as they have realized that not all Indians are the same and we all follow our own dreams. i mean, i got pride for my Nation specifically, but i represent my entire race of people, as well as the human race. i have ran and danced all over the country, and one thing i have noticed is the only thing that differs from one tribe to another is traditions and primitive ways. at the end of of the day we are the same race people and you and i are both Native runner. i consider all Indigenous people my siblings, reguardless of their specific tribal ancestry.

im sorry i never mentioned anything about my personal credentials with running or what sparked my interest in it to begin with. if you can recollect, i didnt understand why there wasnt a device to measure humanly love. no other sports gave me such a device to measure my love, only other people discriminating against i, nor them, had such a device to publicly display my that my love alone for the sport made my superior to them. running and the empiricle scale of time gave me such a tool. faster is better, no matter where go. the clock is what scientifically showed the audience, and my haters, how much i loved to run; as you have surely figured out by now that running is a mind game. other contact sports are physical sports, but running is a mental one and i do it for the mental attributes. playing the mind game with other runners, and strategizing against them, and against your own body, can give you so much athletic and emotional satisfaction.

being a miler, i prefer the track over any other surface, because once again there are less factors there than any other place. 200 meters is 200 meters, and 30 seconds is 30 seconds. there arent any discrepancies or excuses that exist on the track such as running a slower time due a differencial in incline or distance. everything is measured perfectly and flat and always gives me and a precise judgement of how i performed that day. the only facet i have yet to notice that may cause any sort of inadequacy from one trial/domain to the next, is, the wind.

my favorite event on the track is the mile. my worst event is the 5k. it always has been. a good time here in Oklahoma is a 15:xx, and i run a high 16:xx or 17 flat. but im able to maintain 17 flat pace and run 34:01 for 10k which was outstanding even on some collegiate levels. the farthest distance i will ever probably race will be a half marathon, because i think im capable of maintaining my 10k pace for another 10k. i will probably attempt to run a marathon one day just to complete it for the experience and say that ive done it. but the mile is my forte’ because of my speed endurance. i had posted 50.x for 400 but as you know theres a huge difference between a 49 and 50, etc… as the distance gets shorter. i had posted 159 for 800 and do think the 800 can be the most strenuous event. my 3200/twomile is 9:50ish, but i get dizzy and nautious doing 8 laps. nothing really lights my bonfire like the 4 lap race does. my mind, body, and spirit is just suited for that distance. seeing as though we both agree that real true love never ends, that means im not ever going to stop trialing myself in the mile, because if i haulted or even reduced my charisma for running, then that means that it is not and never was true love.

i honestly think Christianity is a white mans religion, i disagree with alot of the Bible, but i do believe in Christ as Creator because he healed me when i was injured. i was bed ridden for a year because i tore my illiopsoas, which is the soul of the human body. we do have a soul, its not just a physiological metaphor. i tore it from doing situps hanging upside down with a weight behind my head. ya, im a crazy ndn boy. anyways, i called upon the Spirit, the Holy Spirit, to heal me and later than night i had a dream. He told me to stop sleeping in my bed in my house, and start sleeping outside in the teepee. so i did so. after a being hurt for a year, and then sleeping outside in our teepee, my soul was completely healed. i now sleep outside everynight in the teepee, except for when its really cold in the winter time and then i sleep on the floor. the hard surfaces and this Spiritual reckoning has both entirely healed my soul and made a tremendous improvision in my spiritual persona. i know now that the Holy Spirit in the Indigenous Native Spirit, because the Indigenous Native Spirit is, indeed, Holy.

i continue to learn more of how running helps my pride, and how my pride helps my running, each and every day. the knowledgement and fulfillment that i receive as an Indigenous athlete really is infinite. its my lifestyle and always generates new thoughts of how magnificent this spiritual sport really is, and how naive and corrupt the outside white world is. i run in peoples grass and am often ridiculed. people dont own the grass because man no own the earth. man belong to earth. earth no belong to man.

maybe next time we will talk about our similarities in training. my suggestion for you, goal wise, would be to possibly try to break whatever your personal best time was before your maternity/pregnancy. achieving that feat would, in my opinion, be mentally astounding. it may be too easy of a goal, or it may just be temporarily out of reach until the Spirit sees fit. but what do i know? i havent been pregnant before. not yet anyways. haha! u kno this ndn got jokes

im unaware of why i try to put my thoughts into words, because ive known ever since i was a child that words could never express what i felt, especially concerning all of my cultural tidbits that have been there since birth. they’re just there and only Creator or the Archetect knows why. ive never wanted to look people in the eyes when im speaking to them because i feel like im starring at them or disrespecting them. ive always been extremely shy about bringing females around my maternal side of the family, it just didnt feel proper. but then one day grandfather sat me down and told me thats part of being Cherokee was our feelings about bringing our partner around the same sex parent that your partner is. its just not customary and its in our blood. for example, if youre a Cherokee male then you’ll never feel comfortable bringing your fiance around your mother until after your married. or if your a Cherokee female, then you’ll never feel comfortable bring your male fiance around yound your father until after your married. its just another example of how personal we are about our passion. whether it be passion with another human (ha, so overrated) or with an inanimate object or activity such as running, i continue to contribute all of my love capabilities to the fact that im an Indian.

trying to find the best immediate advice to give you, at this point is, itself, quite the brainstorm. i suppose the best advice that i can identify to assist you would be to simply ignore and/or overcome the issues with the outside world that effect your running, and fall into a deep trance with the Spirit World. you must come to realize who and what will be there for you, and who and what wont be. your love for running or the pride for who you are will always be there, and nobody can ever take those things away because they are intellectual property. im not saying anyone is conspiricing against you, but both of us will continue to have issues with the outside world just because of who we are. i think bad health follows Indigenous people just like discrimination follows Indigenous people. like dark rain cloud. so we have an uphill start and finish in the race of living this Native life. we were made with a deeper understanding and stronger interpretation of intellectual property as compared to other ethnicities. who else besides an NDN would analyze running to the degree that u and me do. we understand that within humanly love, your partner can take possesstion of your intellectual property and emotional property as well, but only if you allow them.

my highest suggestion is to be on a constant quest, as of now, to realize whats Indigenous to you and what you own as part of your intellectual property and that nobody, not even age or the government or future pregnancies can take away from you.

nobody can ever remove your love for running unless you had a brain transplant, and nobody will ever remove your pride for being Apache because they cant turn you into a white person.

we are what we are until death and our real love resides within our minds in our intellect as Indians. till death do us part. proud to live an Indigenous life, and proud to die an Indigenous death. so proud to live and die.

not only am i proud of you for your continuation of running and recent performance, but im proud to know you period. lol watchu know bout pride girl? wish you lived closer, then maybe we could run together (on my slow days of course) haha jp.

As far as you’re son crying at the onset of your departure from him, I dont inquire that he thought you were in any immediate peril or abandoning him permanently. The adolescent mind doesn’t really understand the concept of exercise until its about 4 or 5 years old. I do believe you can hear his Spirit crying for you when he is in dire need of your nurturing, or when he misses you. All that really matters is that you returned to him and your together, and will be together forever more. The relationship between mother/son is the most sacrosanct relationship of any kind. Many paintings have been painted to show tribal princesses with their young future warriors. The Mothers Prayer is a great example of a Nez Perce mother asking the great Spirit to bless her offspring to live a memorable childhood, and grow up to be loving husbands and mighty warriors. Your ability to have telekinetics to hear and feel the spirit of your son when he needs your comfort, signifies a superb relationship that you have with him and the Spirit. You are two different people, but your souls have become one. As it is easier for Native Mother and Native Son to develop this type of spirituality, it is also possible for 2 people who arent biologically related to develop this type of spiritual fortitude. But for us to experience that, it would have to be REAL love.

Theres something about me you need to know. A lot of people think that there is something else wrong with me because of my interpretation of tasks and perception of the outside world. Its mainly when I step one foot off the Rez, or attempt to go anywhere or do anything in public that’s not in my direct Indigenous domain. Yes, non-runners and non-ndns don’t think the same way that we do. But I suppose my case is just a little more severe. While attending primary school, I attended a local institution that in the suburbs of metro Oklahoma city, and it was nothing but an ongoing attempt for the other student and teachers to assimilate me into captivating their non-indigenous ways of life. My coach was the only person that understood and didn’t discriminate against me, because he was a decendant of a nearby tribe. But then hurricane Katina happened and the outsiders with the holier-than-thou caucasion mentallity started ruining my life like an unstoppable rebel force. why must the non-indigenous intruders always feel the need to “take over” and abuse their authority. I suppose abusing your authority is all part of being Caucasian. But even with ancient Indigenous history, such as when English settlers first came, that’s the way ive always interpreted it. Land and laws are a first-come first serve basis. We had the right to never allow any intruders onto current American soil, yet we welcomed them invasion, tried to encompass their every need, and treat them like warm hearted guests; and all they wanted to do is “take over”. All of my life has been this way. Its always some outsiders, typically from the white race, that want to come into my life and force their new ways upon me as though mine never existed and like they have full authority to do so. whether it was a job, a running team, or anywhere I go where im under some type of jurisdiction of their authority, its always the non-native authority that want to hassle me and assimilate me. I do believe that being Indian, is a disability among current modern society. Yes, its our skin and our mind that is diverse; but its their problem for not excepting our skin and mind because it is diverse. There no significant dilemma with my writing ability or any core subjects, but there are several areas that I lack proficiency in due to lack of interest and lacy of impact that they have on my Indigenous life. If the cause of my failure in such areas in due to my cultural delicacy, then so be it; because I cant help who I am. being Cherokee is by far the best and worst thing that’s ever happened to me. because im always gonna be secular, socially, politically, and morally discriminated against, it is a hardship for me. the best aspect of me is my pride for being the person that they differentiate and abuse, because theres nothing they can do to change it. My self esteem and pride will never be corrupt by the forces of people who are xenophobic of such beautiful, natural Native people like you and me.

I have one last concept to tell you during this convo. This is the most important concept that I have ever learned from being a Native and being a runner. I told u earlier that I do what is Indigenous to me. if you break down the word Indigenous, you’ll eventually get “ind” Indian, india, etc…all of which mean natural or native to an area. But I have also learned that being an Indigenous American means have emotions that are Natural to me. I have learned to listen to my Spirit, my mind, my heart, and my soul, about what I want and think is best for me. I do what I want to do. I do whats Indigenous to me. if I ever let someone else influence my Indigenous ways or encourage me to do something else that what I FEEL is right, then I am no longer living an Indigenous lifestyle or letting the Spirit guide me in the way that He/She wants me to go. Anybody can be an Indian on the outside, but it takes a person with an unfathomable soul to truly get in touch with their Spirituality and communicate as often as possible with the Native Spirit and be a REAL Indian on the inside. Its whats on the inside that counts. I believe and know this whole heartedly. Ive gotten so deep with the Cherokee Spirit, that its almost as if theres another person or being sitting or standing beside me everywhere I go. Like a prideful cloud that’s over my head all the time. I know that the Indigenous Spirit is real, because I know that my pride is real. My pride gives me empirical proof that the Indigenous Spirit truly exists. Its not just the feeling of the wind. Its all around me. I can feel it all around me. my father is an inventor and is trying to invent a tool to communicate with the Cherokee Spirit. Ive told him numerous times that I have already excepted the Spirit as Creator off all things and my Savior, and he must only dig deep inside his soul and release all anger and open his heart to be able to experience the great power and comfort and contentment within the great Indigenous Spirit. although you may already do so, I strongly encourage you to reveal the inner Indian inside of you, forget the outside world, and gain an intimate, sensual relationship with the Spirit; similar if not moreso than the one you say you have with your son. If you can do that, your life of fortitude, enrichment, contentment, and pride for yourself as an endearing charming delightfull ethnic athlete will begin immediately. You must reveal the inner Indian inside of you.

I would enjoy hearing your own training methods vs your opinion of mine, and anything else that’s on your marvelous mind. I would also like to know if you are going to raise your son to be a runner or get him involved in sports or dancing. Obviously hes going to be a naturally talented beautiful person, because his mother is.

You can always respond to me however you wish. I don’t ever expect you to give an elaborate Indigenous response as I do. Hell, I know for a fact that nobody will ever put in the same effort as I do in running or a love relationship. I already know that nobody is worthy or capable of handling me as a lover. But if I didn’t atleast attempt to give my love to somebody like you, then I would be doing myself a disservice as an American Indian.

Barrett-Dahl from Oklahoma
Citizen 501209v


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