Since I live about 3 miles away, I was planning to go and run on the new stretch of the Loop 303 freeway that is going to be open to the public tomorrow. But, after looking at the map it appears that I wont be able to run the entire new segment in loop like I had planned on as they have a small less than half mile area that is open to walkers/runners/bikers.  Maybe I will run out there and then continue on.  Now THAT’s an idea!

Here is a link to the events site. 

The reason I am able to run again is that my regimen of massage, moist heat, stretching and ibuprofen worked the knot or whatever it was in my hamstring.  Yesterday I was able to get a 37 or so minute run in on the dreadmill.  I woke up today feeling pretty good with no soreness.  I will stretch at work today and see how it is feeling later tonight at Bryan’s football game and tomorrow morning.

Here is a picture or 2, for your Saturday eve.


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