Hitting the trails

I ventured out to Deems Hill Recreation area to get in some good trail running today as I had been about halfway around in the past while hiking with my son, but never went all the way around.  Today I discovered that the trail system here is very nice, with areas ranging from easy to very steep and loose terrain.  I ventured onto several of the different trails that make up the trail system there, I think there were 2 that I didn’t try and will probably hit next time now that I know what will be in store for me.


I felt pretty good going through the trails, my legs and lungs did get the blowtorch effect several times and I admit to taking a walk/hike break or two.  If I would have been ready to do this run (we got a call at 9 AM asking if we wanted to go and I had a bad night sleep and no food prior to hitting the run) I think that I would have been a bit stronger, but I might not have enjoyed it as much as I took in as many of the sights as I could today.

My only issue with this area is the mountain bikers.  Several times I had to jump off of the trail as packs of mountain bikers came barreling down the trails making it very evident that they had no intention of yielding or stopping for a runner coming through. One guy even looked at me and said something but I couldn’t understand him as I don’t speak jackass and I had my earphones in.

Overall I am very pleased to have this area so close to home, and I consider it a true hidden gem of trail running in the Phoenix area.  The trail system isn’t extremely long but if you hit all of the trails you will get in around 7.5-8 miles ( my guess) with a lot of good climbing (I had over 1100 0feet of vertical gain today) and you always have the option to do multiple loops.  There are nice restroom facilities on site with water fountains, 2 very nice soccer fields, a playground and on the weekends you can catch some Indian guys playing cricket.

Upon reaching the highest point there were beautiful vistas to the West and South.  Next time I will bring my phone to get some pictures.  Here are pictures from my last hike with my son in December.

This area is much less congested and overused than the nearby Thunderbird park, hopefully at least for  a while it will stay that way.


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