Elite athlete in a pill

Remember those stories a few years ago about a magic pill that was being worked on where you would become fit and lose fat while doing nothing, as long as you took the magic pill?  Well, the scientists who were working on it then never stopped, and their work advanced rapidly.  Mind you it works best with subjects who have some endurance background.

“GW1516 was available commercially, so Evans ordered up a batch and fed it to his mice every day for five weeks, a dose that far exceeded amounts given in any previous experiments. “The effect was huge!” he says.

It sure was. Couch-potato mice could eke out a lame two-thirds of a mile. The same was true for mice given GW1516 that didn’t train. Mice that didn’t get GW1516 but did ten-minute daily stints on a treadmill eventually hit 1.1 miles. But mice that had both—training and GW1516—easily hit 2.3 miles.

In short, the drug had doubled the normal performance-enhancing effect of regular endurance training.”

Want to read more?  Click here!


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