Sof Sole review part 2…

So I already did a short review of the Sof Sole Coolmax trainer sock.  After a few weeks of trying them out, my impressions have not changed.  These are still my favorite socks to run in and I no longer fear them doing what many running socks do (even high end ones) which is that after a few cycles through the washer and dryer they shrink up, the softness and cushioning goes away, and they are on the same level as a regular cotton sock.  These puppies feel as soft and cushioned as they day I got them despite being washed and dried several times.  I love the ventilation they provide and am sure that I will love it even more as the temps get up to over 100 here very soon.

It didn’t matter which of my many pairs of running shoes I wore with these socks, they felt great.  Having a bigger foot often socks will slip on the heel or be tight in the toe box (even ones made for larger feet), but these fit snug on the heel with no slipping yet they are not overly tight.  The instep area is held snugly, but again not to tightly.  If you want a great running sock that won’t break the bank and will be around for more than a few races, you cant go wrong with these-a must buy.

As for the insole.  I have never tried swapping out my insoles in any of my shoes as I have always been under the impression that the manufacturers insole will be adequate for the period of time that I run in the shoes.  I have been corrected in my flawed thinking.  The Sof Sole Airr maximum cushioning insole is fantastic and light years better than the stock insole in any of my shoes.  I initially used them in my Asics Kayano which I felt were doing a good job for my feet.  What I discovered is that a good insole also does wonders for areas besides your feet.  As many of you know I have been dealing with a recurring problem of SI joint dysfunction for a while now and have gone to the PT and done the exercises as well as trying many different manufacturers of shoes and shoe types the problem just does not go away.  Some days it is so bad it hurts to stand up, others I feel nothing.  Since placing these insoles in my shoes I have been able to run mostly pain free even on the days where my si joint was flaring up.  I can’t say that these insoles made the issue go away, but I am now able to train on days where I would not have been able to prior to using them.

I have used these insoles in my Kayanos, Saucony ProGrid Paramount and Grid Fastwitch, Nike Lunar trainer and racers and in each trial these insoles made the run more manageable and I felt fresher in my ankles, knees, and hips.  So what lesson did I learn?  Proper equipment can make a world of difference and a performance insole is proper and needed equipment.  Any chance I can get a few more so I don’t need to keep moving them from shoe to shoe???

Again, in my opinion a must buy.

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