A marathon with no cups at the aid stations?

It sounded crazy to me, but since the company will be providing each marathon runner with the hydration system it doesn’t sound so crazy.  I still don’t like the idea of carrying your beverage over the entire route, but if you refill at each aid station it would only be a few ounces.  I bet this will catch on with a lot of smaller marathons.

From Colorado Runner (entire story linked here)

“ESTES PARK, COLORADO — The Estes Park Marathon, considered one of the most scenic marathon races in the USA, is partnering with Boulder company HydraPouch LLC to completely eliminate cups from this year’s race. HydraPouch products help race directors and runners alike to move away from paper cups, and the needless waste and cleaning required after a running event. Each marathon runner in the June 13, 2010 race will be provided with a HydraPouch personal hydrator as part of their race pack. HydraPouch will also provide their rapid-dispensing HydraPour devices at every aid station over the Estes Park Marathon race weekend. Runners racing in the shorter distance events as part of the Estes Park Marathon race weekend will be encouraged to either purchase their own HydraPouch at a discounted rate, or use their own hydration device, further reducing waste and helping to protect the environment. Estes Park Marathon Race Co-Director, Belle Morris declares, “HydraPouch’s Cup-Free Racing products align with our commitment to becoming an environmentally friendly, zero waste event”.”

Here is Hydrapouch’s website.  Interesting concept.


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