Some love from Great Divide Brewing

We posted on Twitter professing our love for Great Divides Brewing’s beers and wondered out loud if they ever sponsor or throw some gear (shirts, socks, kegs of beer, whatever) at people (runners in particular) who love and promote the endurance workout recovery aiding benefits of their products.  Not really expecting a response we were shocked and happy to receive this:


@psychopathrun swing by the brewery for some stickers and free shwag!

Hallelujah!  Now I just need to move up my plans for a visit to the neighborhood.    Or perhaps they know that I am not a local and they are toying with me.  Nah, they wouldn’t do that.  They are a cool group of people.  At least all of the people I met while on the brewery tour, including the owner Brian Dunn.

For those of you who have not partaken in irrigating your body with their delicious nectar’s, I suggest all of you pick up some of their suds and give them a shot. If you have sampled their beer then plan a trip to Denver and go see where all of the sudsy goodness originates from.

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