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I haven’t been posting much lately due to a hectic schedule before taking time off at work, and my wife being sick for the last 1.5 weeks.  We thought it was the flu, but last night she went to the doctor and was told that she has bronchitis and a sinus infection.  Very close to pneumonia.

Back to why I am here.  I was certain that I was getting closer and closer to being a minimalist runner in regards to my shoe choices.  I love running in my Nike Free’s, and Lunar Trainers, and racing flats, and was beginning to think that I would never again run in a pair of supportive or stability shoes.  I broke down this past week and took several strides backwards as I bought a pair of Asics Kayano 15’s as they were on sale and I was able to stack a coupon so they were very reasonable.  I still run in the Free’s and minimalist shoes, and someday may even try to run barefoot.  I did run barefoot on my dreadmill once.  Yes, once.  Blistered like a motha’.

Speaking of my running, my fitness is nothing right now.  I am still getting out on occasion, but not like I should.  I am not hitting the gym either.  I am guessing that it will come as the holidays wind down.  Now I remember how trying it is to train properly for the PF Chang’s marathon as you go through Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, college football bowl games, and NFL late season games.  If you are focused this wont distract you, but with 2 kids, and a family that likes to celebrate it is very hard for me.  On a happy note I stepped on the scale and I haven’t gained a pound in 3-4 months.  I don’t know how that happened, but I will take it.

Back to shoes…I came across a website that sells Huaraches as well as kits so you can make your own at home.  If you don’t know what Huaraches are check out the site.  Also, if you don’t know who the Tarahumara Indians are, check the site.  According to many reviewers who do run barefoot, these are somehow better than barefoot running.  I guess die to the protection from the riff raff on the roads and trails.  I might get a kit and make a pair then review them (shameless plug for free swag people).  So check them out here- Invisible shoes.

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