Getting old is not cool…

Getting’ old sucks.

Okay, so the pain in my hip and lower back has returned and is just as painful and bothersome as ever. I have done my stretching and for the most part kept the exercises going, even joining the gym when it opened up.

So I am now in a dilemma. Do I go back to physical therapy again, and go through 6-8 weeks of therapy which will place me in an area where doing the Denver marathon or even half marathon will not be possible, and I will be way behind if I decide to run the PF Chang’s marathon in January. Or do I move ahead and run very slowly (making me an even slower runner) and try to keep some level of fitness and endurance built up hoping that things will start to fix themselves with continues stretches, exercise, and using my new state of the art ice/heat machine?

After a few days of reflection and coming to grips with the reality of my mood and attitude have sucked big time lately, I guess that I will bite a bullet and go out running slowly. My past PT’s have told me that when it flairs up to run slower and in fact running will have a positive effect on the injury and will strengthen and fix the problem. The only thing I don’t have access to is the ultrasound machine to run over the area a few times per week. That seemed to work magic last time as I felt ready to run after being worked on last time, even if I came in with severe pain. Maybe I can “borrow” the one at the PT’s office inside the gym. Go into Michael Westen mode…

Anyway, so that is my plan. Becoming a runner that must swallow my pride, forgo speed work and avoid long extended hills and take things nice and slow. It bothers me to some extent as I don’t like the idea of training just so I can finish an event, but that is where I am at. Maybe later on I will feel well enough to ramp up the speed and hills to really push myself and see how much progress I can make.

If there are any PT’s out there in my area or that work in a mobile environment, think I can train hard while receiving treatment, and work with insurance, give me a call!

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