Rounding into shape

After a few weeks of working out with the free weights at the gym I finally feel like my body has taken to the added tissue damage caused by working out and running. I have not been running far (a few miles, 6 max) as I have been feeling exhausted and my lower back is starting to get sore again and I dont want to end up with 3 more months of physical therapy. I need to get back out on the roads as I have a hard time running on the treadmill at the gym. The spin classes have been good as they get my heart rate right up to near 100%. Between adding strength and spin to target both slow and fast twitch muscles I think this could be my most productive training program ever and I should see some good gains as the times drop. now if I could just get that diet under control.

Good to see Ramzi’s “B” sample tested positive for drugs as well. Get the cheaters out.

Former NAU alum and runner Lopez Lomong qualified for the US world team for Berlin this summer. Props to him and good luck!

Anyone else tired of the Michael Jackson news? If a president dies there is not this much hoopla.

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