My right leg died…

My right leg is killing me at this moment. I have stretched throughout the day, and have used the foam roller once I got home. I iced it last night and am icing it now, but the pain is really bad. My right hamstring is very tight which I think is making matters worse. It almost feels like when my piriformis was causing sciatic nerve problems in my right leg a few months ago, but nothing is helping. I hope that it gets better by morning as I have a 9 mile marathon pace run in the morning. Ibuprofen doesn’t even help. The pain is centered in my right calf, just below the outer hamstring tendon. It is so tender that applying any pressure t the area causes severe pain. It sucks.

Family went to a Diamondbacks game last night where I was awarded with a “free vacation” to Hawaii. It is one of those time share deals, os I am not going to bother with it. They made this big deal out of it too, coming up to my row and yelling out my name like I had really won some big deal through the team or something. I told a friend about it and he said that I should drive there. I gave it some thought, then decided to see what Google maps would tell me to do if I was diving. Here are the results. (Click the link for a larger map to see the turn by turn directions and check out # 17).

Not too bad if you have 15 days travel each way.

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