I have not been running much (or at all) for the past several weeks. I had been having some bad sciatic nerve pain in my lower back above my right hip. It is probably due to the piriformis muscle being out of place, inflamed, or just plain old bugging the sciatic nerve.

A few weeks ago I felt good with no discomfort whatsoever so I went for a light run. I was not a half mile into the run when the pain came back as strong as ever shooting down my hamstring and into my calf. So, I started doing some area specific stretching as well as seeing a chiropractor in order to try to get things back in shape. So far I am not sure that things are working as planned due to the area where the pain generates (lower back, right side, directly above my hip) has a slight discomfort all the time now, where before it was not there unless I did something to inflame it. Maybe the area is working out its kinks and that is the pain. The chiropractor said that there should not be any such discomfort though so he performed a different kind of adjustment last time. We will see.

I really need to get back to running as I have missed the last two marathons I have wanted to run due to this pain (It was present at a much less severe way back in November when I had to stop training for the P.F. Chang’s Marathon), and as anyone who knows me can attest to, running is my anti-psychotic/anti-depressant all in one. When I am running well and in a good training program running becomes my therapist. No matter what may be on my mind when I lace up my shoes, by the time I arrive home I feel much better about the situation and often have a solution for whatever the problem is. And I have also gained about 10 pounds as I stopped running, but that is just a side note.

I may try to get out and run again this weekend as it is a holiday weekend, and I am on call Monday so being out on a run would really prevent me from having to take a call!

We will see. If everything goes as I hope, I will be up and training for the Denver Marathon in a week or two.

On an side note, what is up with this weather? It was 111 degrees on Monday and today it is 65 and raining. I really wish that I was up to running as there are few things as enjoyable as a run in the light rain when the air is clean and clear. The ground gently gives way to your strides and cushions your body as the top layer of soil is damp, and the desert flora put their scents out for all to smell. Occasionally even the animals come out to enjoy the weather. There are few things better than that.

Running in Sedona through the red rocks with a light snow falling is one of them. The last time that happened was a surreal run that I will never forget. I hope to recreate that event a few times this year. Heck, it is probably snowing there today; I know that it was in Flagstaff and down the canyon.

Keep putting the miles on, and remember to take a second to say hello to whomever you go past. It is amazing what a simple thing like saying hello can do for the spirit of you and whomever you say hello to (unless it is the cyclists in Vistancia that ignore you even when you say “hello’, or “nice day isn’t it?” to them as loudly as you can while they ride by. Just kidding-sort of).

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